GB 60Si2Mn Steel Coil, JIS SUP6, DIN 60Si7

60Si2Mn steel coil is a widely used silicon-manganese spring steel, which has high hardenability, good thermal processing performance, stable process performance, good comprehensive mechanical properties, decarburization resistance, high fatigue strength and anti-shock performance and so on. JIS SUP6 / DIN 1.0909 / GB 60Si2Mn steel coil composition and more information as below.

GB 60Si2Mn Steel Coil Sheet Plate Supply Range
Coil/Sheet/PlateThickness:2.5mm-16mm(Can be customized)
Width:300mm-1600mm(Can be customized)
Length: Can be customized
Other specifications can be customized

60Si2Mn Steel Coil Grade Equivalent Chart

Grades60Si2Mn60Si7 / 1.0909 SUP661SiCr7SPS360С2

GB 60Si2Mn Steel Coil Chemical Composition


60Si2Mn Steel Coil Physical Properties

Physical Properties
Thermal expansion (e-6/K)21-13
Thermal conductivity (W/m.K)96-53
Specific heat (J/kg.K)450-460
Melting temperature (℃) 3308-8908
Density (kg/m³)7174-6761
Resistivity (Ohm.m㎡/m) 0.50-0.60

60Si2Mn Steel Coil Mechanical Properties

Mechanical Properties
Tensile strength σb (MPa) ≥ 1274 (130)
Yield strength σs (MPa)≥1176 (120)
Elongation δ10 (%) ≥5
Reduction of Area ψ (%)≥25
HardnessHot Rolled≤321HB; Cold Drawn+Heat Treatment≤321HB

GB 60Si2Mn Steel Coil Application

The application is decided by M2 steel chemical composition and properties. It has high hardness, red hardness. Good thermoplasticity and excellent toughness. It is used to make tools that require has good wear resistance and toughness which can sustain large impact forces. Such as pinion cutters, planers, milling cutters, turning tools, drill bits and etc

1.0909 60Si2Mn Steel Heat Treatment

60Si2Mn Steel Annealing
First heat to 740-770°C and allow sufficient time for the steel to
Heat thoroughly, then cool slowly in the furnace.

Spheroidizing annealing: Heating at 850 degrees, oil cooling and quenching, and short-time isothermal spheroidizing process (heating at 790 degrees for 25 minutes, quenching to 680 degrees and holding for 1 hour, furnace cooling to 500 degrees), can obtain ideal spheroidizing structure. The quenching temperature of 60Si2Mn steel is normally 850-870 degrees, oil cooling.

60Si2Mn Steel Quenching
The quenching temperature of 60Si2Mn steel is normally and evenly heated to 830-870 degrees until it is completely heated.

60Si2Mn Steel Tempering
Tempering at 480-530°C, soaking in
Selected temperature and soak for at least one hour per 25 mm
Total thickness.

The tempering temperature depends on the hardness requirements of the mold parts, such as
Tempered at 400 degrees, hardness 46HRC;
Tempered at 500 degrees, hardness 40HRC;
Tempered at 600 degrees, hardness 34HRC.

The tempering performance is best matched between 150 and 160 degrees, and the tempering brittle zone around 300 degrees must be avoided. For tools and molds with high toughness and good dimensional stability, the tempering temperature can be increased to about 250 degrees, and the hardness is 55~60HRC, which has good toughness.

GB 60Si2Mn Steel Coil Supply

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