1.2312 Steel Round Bar Sheet Plate Material

1.2312 steel material is a great plastic mold steel in the industry. 1.2312 (40CrMnMoS8-6) belongs to the stand of alloy tool steel of DIN. And many people also call it as 2312 steel. It’s polishing property and machinability are good. And the hardness of everywhere is average with high wear resistance. DIN 1.2312 steel material usually be used in the blowing mould, structural parts, forming tools, injection mold due to the good hardness, high-temperature strength and mechanical property.

1.2312 Steel Round Bar Sheet Plate Supply
Round BarDia 6-1000mm; Length: Can be customizedBlack Surface/Bright Surface /Grinded/Peeled/Turned
Sheet/Plate/SlabThickness: 120-800mm; width: Can be customized;
Length: Can be customized
Black Surface/Bright Surface /Grinded/Peeled/Turned

P20+S Steel Grade Equivalent Chart

StandardASTM/AISIEN ISO 4957

1.2312 Steel Chemical Composition

GradeC (%)Mn (%)S (%)P (%)Cr (%)Mo (%)Si (%)

1.2312 Steel Physical Properties

DensityLinear Expansion CoefficientThermal Conductivity
7.84 g/cm312.4 *10-6m/(m*K)34 W/(m*K)

P20+S Steel Mechanical Properties

Mechanical properties MetricImperial
Hardness, Brinell 30033
Hardness, Rockwell C (typical)3030
Tensile strength, ultimate965-1030 MPa140000-150000 psi
Tensile strength, yield827-862 MPa120000-125000 psi
Elongation at break(in 50 mm (2″)) 20.0%20.0%
Compressive strength862 MPa125000 psi
Charpy impact (V-Notch)27.1-33.9 J20.0-25.0 ft-lb
Poisson's ratio0.27-0.300.27-0.30
Elastic modulus190-210 GPa 27557-30457 ksi

DIN 1.2312 Steel Application

DIN 1.2312 steel is a general-purpose low-alloy tool steel, mainly used for large plastic molds and mold bases, such as car bumpers, TV housing mold shells, etc., and also used for tool holders, die-casting low-point metal mold materials, assembly parts , forming frames, fixtures, base plates, hydroforming tools, and more.

1.2312 Steel Characteristics

  1. It is easy to get the homogeneous hardness throughout the section for big dimension blocks.
  2. Good polishability, good toughness on the surface.
  3. Delivered in Pre-hardening condition, used directly for making molds, that can guarantee good usability and avoid the deformation in heat treatment.

1.2312 Round Bar Sheet Plate Heat Treatment

  1. Hardening: 830 ℃- 870℃
  2. Forging: 1100℃ – 850℃
  3. Rolling: 1100℃ – 850℃
  4. Quenching: 840℃ – 870℃
  5. Soft Annealing: 710℃ – 740℃
  6. Annealing for Stress Relief: 500℃ – 550℃

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