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Why do P20+Ni Steel Supplier Reserve a Large Amount of Inventory?

AISI P20+Ni / DIN 1.2738 steel is a high-performance material used in the manufacture of various molds. As a P20+Ni steel supplier with a large inventory, Songshun Steel can reserve a large amount of this product through the analysis and export data of P20+Ni steel. And the P20+Ni mold steel we provide has favorable price, strict quality inspection and fast delivery. So why does Songshun Steel produce and reserve P20+Ni steel in large quantities?

1. Prepare Raw Materials

The supplier of Songshun P20+Ni steel first analyzes the advantages of P20+Ni steel, mainly from the following aspects.

(1) In terms of performance, P20+Ni has good corrosion resistance and wear resistance, high strength, high toughness, good processing performance and high temperature stability, etc.

(2) In terms of application, P20Ni is often used to manufacture various molds in different industries, including plastic molds, stamping molds, die-casting molds and injection molds, etc. It is also used in automotive, electronics, machinery and tool manufacturing fields, etc.

(3) In terms of chemical composition, P20+Ni die steel has high chromium content, which can improve its hardness and corrosion resistance; It also contains nickel and molybdenum elements, which increase the total hardness of the steel, enhance the impact resistance and toughness of the steel, enable it to withstand high strength and large impact load, and continuously extend without fracture or deformation, and extending the service life.

2. Development Trend Of AISI P20+Ni Steel

P20+ni steel suppliers have a large inventory of this product, so it is necessary to analyze its future development trend. In the future, with the continuous innovation of technology, AISI P20+Ni steel will achieve green production by adjusting the composition, using environmentally friendly materials and optimizing the process, which is in line with the future development trend, further improve the performance of p20ni steel, so as to meet the higher requirements of mold manufacturing needs, and the application field will also continue to expand. With the development of industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing, the manufacturing of AISI P20+Ni steel will become more and more intelligent, which can improve production efficiency and product quality.

3. DIN 1.2738 / AISI P20+Ni Steel Supply

According to the sales data statistics of Songshun Steel from 2022 to 2023.08, the demand for this kind of steel in the market is very large. As a supplier of P20+Ni steel, we have exported tens of thousands of tons of DIN 1.2738 / AISI P20+Ni steel this year To various countries, among which Zimbabwe, South Africa, Nicaragua, Turkey, Pakistan and Poland have a relatively large demand for customer procurement.

As a professional supplier of P20+Ni steel, we have a good understanding of the fluctuation of steel market price, including the price of Ni element, raw material price, production cost, supply and demand relationship, etc. P20+Ni steel suppliers reserve a large amount of inventory at low prices, which can reduce costs and have an absolute price advantage.

To sum up, considering the advantages, development trend and market demand of P20+Ni steel, Songshun Steel, as a supplier of P20+Ni steel, is necessary to reserve a large amount of P20+Ni inventory. So if you need to purchase steel, we can not only shorten the lead time for you, save costs and obtain greater profits, but also ensure product quality and stable supply capacity.


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