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Why Choose to Purchase Steel Plate

Steel plate is one of the most common steel materials and is widely used in the market. It is a flat or rectangular steel material that is poured with molten steel and pressed after cooling. It has the characteristics of high strength, high wear resistance and high temperature resistance. There are many types of steel plates, and the manufacturing process and performance are different. Compared with round steel, not only the shape is different, but also the purpose of use is different.

Usually, our Songshun Steel team will first understand what scenarios and needs customers will use when purchasing steel, so that they can provide more suitable steel plates to customers. The following will explain why most people choose to purchase steel plates from several aspects.

Steel Plate Advantages

1. High strength and high hardness, more than twice that of ordinary steel.
2. High temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.
3. It has good wear resistance, plastic deformation ability, durability, heat reflection and welding performance, etc.
4. Good plasticity, easy to shape, weld and cut.
5. Good mechanical properties, high stability.
6. Excellent fatigue performance, fracture toughness and stress corrosion resistance.
7. Can be recycled and reused.
8. Widely used in various fields.

Steel Plate Types

There are many different types of steel plates in the market, and they are divided into several steel plate types according to the use, material, thickness, etc.

(1) According to different materials, it can be divided into: stainless steel plate, carbon structural steel plate, alloy steel plate, color steel plate and so on.

(2) According to different uses, it can be divided into: automobile steel plate, bridge steel plate, boiler steel plate, armor steel plate, electrical steel plate and spring steel plate, etc.

(3) According to the production process, it can be divided into hot-rolled steel plate and cold-rolled steel plate.

(4) Classification according to thickness: thin plate (thickness not greater than 3mm, except electrical steel plate), medium plate (thickness 4-20mm), thick plate (thickness 20-60mm), extra thick plate (thickness greater than 60mm).

(5) Classification according to surface characteristics: galvanized sheet, tinplate, composite steel sheet and color coated steel sheet.

Steel Plate Applications

Steel plates have many uses, are widely used in various fields, and play an important role.

Construction Sector
In the construction industry, steel plate is one of the most common materials. Its strength and stiffness make it ideal for supporting structures, which can be used to construct high-rise buildings, staircases, steel-framed walls, bridges and other large structures. On some construction sites, some steel plates will be laid on the ground, which can prevent slipping, protect the ground from cracks, and protect underground pipelines. It can also be used to make roofs and floors, etc.

Choosing steel plate as a building material not only has the advantages of high strength, high hardness and good durability, but also greatly improves the building’s earthquake resistance and wind resistance, and provides better thermal insulation and sound insulation effects.

Automotive Field
In our daily life, cars that can be seen everywhere are applied to steel plate materials. In automobile manufacturing, steel plates play a very important role. 60% of the parts on the car are made of steel plates.It is mainly used in the manufacture of major components such as body frames, doors, leaf springs used, wheels and engines.

Steel plates play a decisive role in automobile manufacturing, and have an important impact on the quality, specifications, safety, stability and comfort of automobiles. Because the steel plate has good tensile, bending and impact resistance properties, it can improve the safety performance and stability of the car body when it is impacted by external forces, and is responsible for supporting the body and bearing various loads when the vehicle is running.

Industry Field
In the industrial field, steel plates can be used to manufacture pipes, heat exchangers, chemical reactors, storage tanks, valves and other industrial equipment.

The steel plate has excellent corrosion resistance, can be used in various media, and can handle various chemicals. This is also one of the important reasons for choosing to purchase steel plates in the industrial field.

Aerospace Field
Steel plates are mainly used in the aerospace industry to manufacture turbine engine blades, turbine disks, nozzles, spacecraft, guide vanes and combustion chambers and other components.

In the field of aerospace, the requirements for materials are very high. They need to have excellent high strength, high temperature resistance, high corrosion resistance and stability, and can withstand high stress and heavy pressure. Therefore, steel plates are ideal materials in the field of aerospace.

Steel plates are also used in manufacturing, marine engineering, machinery and other fields. Its various excellent properties make it an ideal choice for many applications to meet the needs of different industries, and the market demand will increase in the future.

Steel plate is a multi-functional material with many advantages, excellent comprehensive performance and rich variety, and it plays an important role in many fields, so many customers will choose steel plate as the main material of the project. At present, there is an increasing demand for steel plates in the market, Songshun Steel, as one of the leading steel plate manufacturers, continues to innovate, provide steel plate manufacturing technology, and provide customers with changed steel plate materials.


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