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Why Choose 4140 Steel Round Bar To Manufacture Shafts

AISI 4140 alloy steel is a commonly used high-quality mechanical steel. It is very suitable for manufacturing various types of shafts and is widely used in machines. Songshun Steel has more than ten years of experience in exporting 4140 steel and 4140 shafts. The total amount of this steel exported has reached tens of thousands of tons. Among them, 46.2% of customers choose 4140 steel round bar to manufacture shafts or directly purchase 4140 steel shafts, and the repurchase rate reaches 97.3%. So, why do most manufacturers of automobiles, machinery, shafts, wind power, etc. choose to purchase our 4140 steel round bars to manufacture shafts? This article will share with you.

1. What Kind of Shafts are Suitable for Purchasing 4140 Steel Round Bar?

  • Automobile field: often used to manufacture crankshafts, transmission shafts, camshafts, axles, rear axles, connecting rods, shaft parts and other important parts.
  • Mechanical manufacturing: 4140 steel round bars are used to manufacture machine tool spindles, milling spindles, heavy machinery transmission shafts, mechanical equipment shafts, high-precision instrument shafts, bearings, shafts, lathe spindles, shaft rings, etc. It is also used to manufacture various torsion bars, screws, bolts, nuts, fixtures, gears, pins and other shaft parts.
  • Aerospace field: This steel is usually used to manufacture high-demand components such as aircraft engine shafts, landing gear shafts, connecting shafts, etc.
  • Petrochemical industry: 4140 steel round bars are often used to manufacture various pump shafts, agitator shafts, valve shafts, pipeline connection shafts, etc.
  • Wind and power industry: used to manufacture generator shafts, turbine shafts, wind power shafts, transformer equipment shafts, gear shafts, power generation equipment shafts, etc.

In addition to the above, 4140 tool steel is also suitable for manufacturing various types of shafts and shaft parts, and is one of the preferred shaft materials in many fields.

2. The Preferred Material for Making Shafts - 4140 Steel Round Bar

4140 steel round bars are often used to make various shafts, so why do most customers choose our 4140/42CrMo4 steel to make shafts or shaft parts? Mainly because of the following factors:

(1) High strength and hardness: Its strength and hardness can be improved through proper heat treatment, so that the manufactured shafts or shaft-like parts can withstand greater loads such as high stress, pressure and torque during the operation of mechanical equipment.

(2) Good toughness: The high toughness of 4140 round bars enables shafts or shaft parts to resist impact and vibration, and are not easy to break, which reduces the risk of shaft breakage during operation and increases the service life of the product.

(3) High wear resistance: It has excellent wear resistance and hardness, which can ensure that the surface of the shaft is not easily worn under long-term use, processing and friction, thereby ensuring the performance, dimensional stability and service life of the shaft, which is conducive to long-term operation of the shaft.

(4) Easy to process and manufacture: It is easy to process into various shapes and sizes in industrial production, and its manufacturing process also provides strong support for its application in shaft manufacturing. It can use drilling, welding, forging, hot rolling, cutting, cold drawing, grinding, heat treatment and other processes and processing methods to effectively control the structure and properties of steel so that it can meet the specific requirements of shaft parts. It is also convenient for precision processing and manufacturing of machine shafts with complex shapes.

(5) Excellent heat treatability: 4140 steel round bar has high hardenability, small deformation during quenching, easy heat treatment, etc., which enables it to obtain multiple excellent properties. This is conducive to ensuring the dimensional accuracy and shape stability of the shaft, which is crucial to the operating performance of the equipment.

ASTM 4140 round bar also has excellent fatigue resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, plasticity, high creep strength and endurance strength, etc. Shafts and shaft parts are frequently used in mechanical equipment and need to withstand large loads, frequent friction, high temperature and high pressure environments, etc. However, the performance of 4140 round bar can meet these harsh working conditions, ensure the stability and durability of shafts or shaft parts, thereby improving the safety and reliability of the equipment. Therefore, it has become the first choice for the ideal material for the manufacture of shafts or shaft parts.

3. 4140 Steel Round Bar Solution from Songshun Steel

If you are in the business of making shafts or need to reserve inventory, you will know how important it is to choose the right material. The more troublesome problem is that it is difficult to find a reliable supplier of 4140 steel round bars. Usually, the supplier either fails to deliver, or the performance is poor, or there are problems with the manufactured products, etc., which will increase your production difficulties and costs. We at Songshun Steel understand the challenges you face in manufacturing shafts or shaft parts and are committed to providing the best solutions. Choose Songshun to provide you with the best 4140 and 42CrMo4 steels to ensure material reliability, reduce costs, and improve production efficiency.

High Quality, High Performance, Material Book Provided
Our 4140 steel round bar not only has the excellent performance shown above, but also ensures its stability. Our steel will be tested by ultrasonic or penetrant UT, chemical composition test, hardness test, metallographic structure analysis, etc. to ensure its quality, internal defects, and consistency with performance. At the same time, a material book will be provided to you. You don’t have to worry about internal defects such as inclusions and pores, unstable performance or uneven hardness, etc.

Sufficient Inventory and Complete Sizes
Songshun’s 4140 steel inventory reaches tens of thousands of tons, and can provide various specifications and support customization, so as to avoid production stoppages due to material shortages.

Professional Services and Solutions
Songshun Steel not only provides high-quality 4140 materials, but also provides efficient supply, professional technical support, comprehensive solutions and rapid response, etc., to ensure the smooth and efficient production of your production.

In summary, if you are still struggling with what material to use to make shafts or shaft parts, and are still looking for a reliable 4140 steel supplier to make shafts, Songshun Steel is your best choice. We ensure the quality of 4140 round bar through strict manufacturing, heat treatment, processing and testing, and we are a partner you can trust.


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