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What is the Difference Between 1.2311 and 1.2738 Steel

1.2738 steel and 1.2311 steel are widely used plastic mold steels, which are equivalent to American standard AISI P20+Ni and AISI P20 steels. Recently, a customer asked whether his project is more suitable to purchase 1.2738 steel or 1.2311 steel, what is the difference between the two? Therefore, this article will deeply analyze the difference between 1.2311 and 1.2738 steel from the aspects of chemical composition, performance and application.

P20+Ni SteelDIN 1.2311 steel

1.2311 and 1.2738 Steel Chemical Composition

1.27380.35-0.450.20-0.401.30-1.60≤0.030≤0.0301.80-2.100.90-1.20 0.15-0.25

It can be seen from the table that the two are basically similar in the content of elements such as carbon, silicon, manganese, phosphorus and sulfur. The main difference is in the Ni element. 1.2738 steel is added with Ni element, which means that when 0.9%-1.2% nickel is added on the basis of 1.2311, 1.2738 steel will be made. Adding Ni element can provide 1.2738 with better toughness and wear resistance, making it more suitable for making wear-resistant, high-strength molds and tools.

DIN 1.2311 and DIN 1.2738 Steel Properties

(1) Since 1.2738 steel contains Ni element, 1.2738 has better toughness and strength than 1.2311 steel, and it is not easy to break during use. The toughness of 1.2311 steel is slightly worse, and the relative brittleness is slightly higher.

(2) 1.2738 steel has certain corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, especially for corrosion resistance in some humid, acid-base environments. The 1.2311 steel is slightly inferior to the 1.2738 steel in terms of corrosion resistance.

(3) 1.2738 material has better polishing and machinability.

(4) Because the nickel element in 1.2738 steel can improve the wear resistance and deformation resistance of the steel, thereby reducing the risk of deformation and cracks during cooling, 1.2738 steel has better cooling performance than 1.2311 steel.

(5) In terms of mechanical properties, the yield strength ratio of 1.2311 steel is better than that of 1.2738 steel, which means that 1.2311 steel has stronger plastic deformation ability under the same stress.

AISI P20+Ni / 1.2738 and AISI P20 / 1.2311 Steel Applications

Both die steels 1.2738 and 1.2311 are widely used in the manufacture of moulds, plastic injection moulds, die casting dies, extrusion dies and many other die applications.

Compared with 1.2311, 1.2738 steel is more suitable for mold applications that are subjected to large impact loads or require high wear resistance. The 1.2311 steel is suitable for general mold applications. Due to the difference in hardness and toughness, 1.2738 steel is suitable for making large, complex plastic molds and high-strength mechanical parts, and is also ideal for manufacturing high-speed cutting tools. 1.2311 steel is suitable for making smaller plastic molds and general mechanical parts.


1.2738 steel/P20+Ni steel is added with Ni element, which is obviously higher than P20 or P20+S in price.

The above analysis is the difference in 1.2311 and 1.2738 steel properties, application and chemical composition, etc. They also have differences in manufacturing technology and processing technology. In Songshun, we will analyze and determine the most suitable material type for customers according to their specific application needs and workpiece requirements, so that they can purchase the best quality and most suitable 1.2311 or 1.2738 steel.


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