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What Is Steel Made of


Under the fast development of economy and science in the world, the demand of steel is increasing year by year. And the requirement of steel quality is getting higher. When we see the products makes from steel, we always curious: what is steel made of. A lot of people do not fully understand it. The main material is scrap steel and iron ore. And the information of them as below, help you understand further.

Iron Ore

The iron ore is the most important material of steel. Iron ore has iron or iron compounds which have good value for economic. It is been though crushing, grinding, magnetic separation, flotation, re-election and other procedures to get iron. And iron ore has many species. But the magnetite(Fe3O4), hematite (Fe2O3) and siderite (FeCO3) are most frequently to make steel. Iron ore is an important material, no matter what places.

In the 1970s, the total iron ore reserves were about 350 billion tons in the world. And the rich ore reserves were about 150 billion tons, which has a higher value. The iron ore reserves of Russia is almost one-third of the world’s total reserves. It is at the top of the world. And Brazil, Bolivia, Canada and Australia are behind it. The number of iron ore reserves for five counties is about 90% of the world’s total reserves. The resources of rich iron ore are an important condition for the development of the steel industry. But technology is the key. The company or mill need to do a lot of work to increase steel production technology. Such as mineral processing, sintering, pelleting and etc.

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Scrap Steel

Another important material of steel is scrap steel. It means something that does not become a product in the production process. Such as trimming, cutting and etc. So many things would produce scrap steel. Such as the discarded equipment, steel structural parts, cars, ships, tools and etc. The scrap steel from household goods, such as cans, furniture, utensils and etc. The resource of scrap steel is complicated. It is produced in several places, such as steelmaking workshops, cast steel workshops and steel cold processing and hot working workshops. Its carbon content is less than 2.0% and the content of sulfur and phosphorus are less than 0.05%. Scrap steel would be different shapes due to the different situation of steel products. But its performance is the same as steel products. It is performance would decrease due to the influence of aging effectiveness and fatigue. With the development of steel production technology, the yield of steel has increased. So the proportion of self-produced scrap in steel production has declined.

Many factors will influence the quality of steel. Such as the raw material, the technology of manufacture. Good iron ore and scrap steel can also make steel good(same production technical conditions)


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