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In Depth Understanding of Carbon Steel

Carbon steel, as the name implies, is a steel material with a relatively high carbon content. Its carbon content is 0.0218%~2.11%. It is an iron-carbon alloy with a high carbon content. Carbon steel is one of the widely used tool steels. It is not only cheap, but also the higher the carbon content, the greater the hardness, the higher the strength, and the better the quality.
How much do you know about carbon steel? This article will conduct an in-depth analysis from the types, characteristics, grades, composition, properties and applications, processing technology, material specifications and other aspects of carbon steel to help readers fully understand carbon steel.

Carbon Steel Types

1. According to the carbon content, it can be divided into: low carbon steel (C: ≤ 0.25%), medium carbon steel (C: 0.25%—0.6%) and high carbon steel (C: ≥ 0.6%).
2. According to the quality of steel (phosphorus and sulfur content), it can be divided into: ordinary carbon steel, high-quality carbon steel, high-grade high-quality carbon steel (lower phosphorus and sulfur content) and special-grade high-quality carbon steel.
3. According to the application, it can be divided into: carbon structural steel, carbon tool steel and free-cutting structural steel.

Carbon Steel Characteristics

(1) Excellent mechanical properties and processing properties
(2) Low cost and wide application
(3) Use the earliest and largest amount of basic materials
(4) High strength and high hardness
(5) Good wear resistance, good weldability, good durability and easy processing
(6) The material is very common, easy to handle and recycle
(7) The appearance color of carbon steel is gray and the surface is rough

Carbon Steel Grades

No.Equivalent Grade

3-12L141.0718SUM 22 L
SUM 24 L
4Q235AA570 Gr.AS235JR / 1.0037SS400
5Q235BA570 Gr.DS235JRG1 / 1.0036SS41
6T7W1-7C70W2 / 1.1620SK6
7T10W1-10 - SK105

Carbon Steel Composition

No.GradeChemical Composition(%)


Carbon Steel Properties and Applications

AISI 12L14 Steel
The steel belongs to the type of free-cutting structural steel in carbon steel, with a carbon content of ≤0.15%, and is a low-carbon steel. The biggest advantage of 12L14 steel is that it has excellent machinability and is the fastest processing bar product. After adding lead element, it can improve machinability, and adding tellurium or selenium can further improve processing performance. Mainly used to make surgical and dental appliances, valves, plastic forming molds, wheel nuts and inserts, gears, shafts, hydraulic fittings and brake pistons, etc.

GB 45 | DIN C45E | AISI 1045 Steel
1045 steel is a high-quality carbon structural steel with a medium carbon content (0.42%-0.50%). It has the advantages of high strength, high deformation resistance, good toughness and good wear resistance. When its mechanical properties are required to be high, quenching and tempering treatment is usually used. 45 steel has a high procurement rate and is widely used. Mainly used to manufacture various machine parts, processed parts and mechanical fasteners, etc., including bearings, gears, shafts, rolls, crankshafts, nuts, bolts, tie rods, compressor pistons, etc.

GB 50 | DIN C50E | AISI 1050 Steel
The steel is a high-strength high-quality carbon structural steel with a carbon content of 0.47-0.55, which has high strength and hardness after quenching. The difference between 1050 steel and 1045 steel lies in the carbon content and mechanical properties. It is mainly used in the manufacture of knives, springs, steel belts, bearings, brackets, gears, clutches and shafts, etc.

GB T10 | DIN 1.1645 | AISI W1-91/2 Steel
GB T10 has a carbon content of 0.95% to 1.04%, and is a low-alloy, high-strength, high-carbon carbon tool steel. It has higher strength and wear resistance than T8 and T9. It is widely used, mainly used in making moulds, blades, turning tools, planers, push rods, drills, scissors, upsetting dies and reaming tools and so on.

Carbon Steel Processing Technology

The processing process of carbon steel is selected and adjusted according to specific needs, and usually includes forging, heat treatment, cutting processing, cold processing, surface treatment, welding processing, mechanical processing and so on. Machining is the process of cutting, drilling, milling, turning and other processes on materials through tools. If the parts are required to have high hardness and high wear resistance, quenching and tempering + surface quenching can be used to improve the surface hardness.

Carbon Steel Supply

Carbon Steel Bar:
Diameter 1mm-400mm; Length: 1000mm-12000mm;

Carbon Steel Plate:
Thickness: 0.3mm-500mm; Width: 1000mm-3000mm; Length: 2000mm-12000mm;

Carbon steel supply specifications will vary due to factors such as material, production process, and application, and can be customized according to needs.

Carbon Steel Sale

Carbon steel is in great demand in the market and is widely used in mold manufacturing, machinery, automobiles and other fields, providing a solid support for the rapid development of various industries.

Songshun Steel, as a leading carbon steel manufacturer, has more than ten years of experience in providing carbon steel, whether it is 1045 steel, 1050 medium carbon steel, Q235 steel, 12L14 Steel, T9, T10 and other carbon steel, we have everything, not only To ensure high quality and competitive price, welcome to contact us immediately.


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