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Top Steel Companies In World

Steel is one of the important materials for global basic industry and economic development, world steel production and consumption can be used as one of the important indicators to measure the level of economic development and industrialization. The development of the world’s top steel companies affects the development of global steel, and they are interrelated. Steel companies are the core link in the world’s steel industry chain, and their development has an important impact on global steel supply and market competition.

This article will introduce several top steel companies in world for your reference only.

Baowu Group

Baowu is the largest steel company in China and one of the most influential top steel companies in world. It was formed by the merger of Baosteel Group and Wuhan Iron and Steel Group. It is committed to sustainable development and closely follows the “One Belt, One Road” initiative. It has multiple production bases, an extensive industrial chain and a global sales network. And in 2020, it realized its dream of hundreds of millions of tons of production capacity, mainly providing comprehensive materials based on carbon steel, special steel, and stainless steel.

U. S. Steel

United States Steel Corporation is a steel company with a long history in the United States. It was founded in 1901. With hundreds of years of historical experience, it has become one of the top steel companies in world. With multiple production sites, facilities and product lines, the manufacturer has a long-term commitment to decarbonization, has infinitely recyclable products, and is the first and one of the few LEED-certified factories in the world.


ArcelorMittal is a Luxembourg-based steel manufacturer and one of the world’s top steel companies. As a leading global integrated steel manufacturer with more than 60 production facilities and more than 240,000 employees in more than 70 countries, it supplies various types of steel.


POSCO is South Korea’s largest steel manufacturer and the most competitive steel company in the world. It was founded in 1968. As one of the top steel companies in world, it has thousands of employees, large factories, exports to many countries and completed many large projects, etc. They produce and sell rolled steel products and steel plates globally, focusing primarily on cold-rolled steel plates, stainless steel, high-end alloy products, and more.

Nippon Steel

Nippon Steel is Japan’s leading steel supplier and manufacturer and the third largest steel company in the world in terms of crude steel production. It was founded in 1950 and has more than 70 years of experience. They are committed to becoming the best steel manufacturer, constantly pursuing the world’s most advanced technology and manufacturing capabilities, and contributing to social development by providing high-quality products and services.


Thyssenkrupp is a well-known steel producer in Germany and one of the top steel companies in world with multiple subsidiaries. Founded in 1999, it has tens of thousands of employees in countries around the world and owns approximately 17,370 patents and utility models. It has a large steel business unit, mainly engaged in the manufacturing of special steel and stainless steel.

The above are just some of top steel companies in world. They not only dominate in terms of production scale, but also play a key role in technological innovation and sustainable development. And our Songshun Steel is also constantly developing towards the goal of becoming one of the top steel companies, constantly improving its own strength and competitiveness, constantly improving itself, forging ahead, adhering to the path of sustainable development, and providing customers with the best Good steel products and services allow each project to be completed perfectly and realize its own value.

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