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Top steel companies in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is one of the largest steel producers in Eastern Europe and a country with rich steel industry history and potential. They own several top steel companies that focus on technological innovation, continuous development, and have competitive advantages in technology, quality, and innovation. As for our Songshun Steel, as one of the top steel companies in China, we have long-term friendly cooperative relationships with many Czech customers.

The Czech Republic is one of the countries along the “One Belt and One Road” and its export volume is growing. Among them, the EU is the main market for Czech steel product exports. The Czech steel industry has experienced years of development and transformation and is characterized by high quality, innovation and sustainable development. Some of their top steel companies are known for their high-quality steel products and are committed to improving production efficiency, product quality and the environment. Friendliness. If you need to buy Czech steel, here are some of the top steel companies in the Czech Republic for your reference only.

Třinecké železárny

Třinecké železárny is one of the top steel companies in the Czech Republic and the largest steel producer. Founded in 1839, it has hundreds of years of experience and owns multiple subsidiaries, steel plants and advanced equipment.

Their product business is spread all over the world, and their main products include seamless pipes, wire rods, steel bars, carbon steel, profiles, semi-finished products, etc.

Třinecké železárny is committed to sustainable development, focusing on environmental protection, continuous improvement, continuous innovation, providing timeless quality, and working together for future generations. It is an advanced steel manufacturer with a sense of social responsibility.


VÍTKOVICE STEEL is a leading manufacturer of rolled steel products headquartered in the Czech Republic and one of the top local steel companies. Founded in 1828, it has a rich history of ongoing plant development and new facility construction.

The main products provided by VÍTKOVICE STEEL include sheet piles,
Hot-rolled thick plates, wear-resistant plates, steel pipes, cut profiles, etc., and also provide various processing services.

They are committed to providing quality products and services, strict quality control, and a dedicated testing laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art testing facilities. We also actively invest in environmental protection projects, produce green steel, recycle materials, and take actions to protect the earth and make the world greener.

Liberty Ostrava

Liberty Ostrava is an integrated steel manufacturer and one of the top steel companies with an annual production capacity of approximately 3.6 million tons. Founded in 1942, it has multiple large-scale production and processing plants, multiple advanced blast furnaces, open hearths, blooming mills, strip mills, pipe manufacturing facilities and more.

They have a strict quality management system and have ISO certified quality certificates. The main products they provide include rebar, flat products, long products, steel pipes, profiles, etc.

Liberty Ostrava serves the construction, machinery and oil and gas industries and is committed to sustainable development, recycling and recycling, constantly innovating production and products, and ensuring the safety and health of its employees, non-profit community project that continuously improves their urban and regional livelihoods.

These steel companies in the Czech Republic are highly competitive in domestic and foreign markets, they are top steel companies in world and have made important contributions to the development of the Czech economy. Similarly, Songshun, as one of China’s top steel companies, has made certain contributions to local economic development. We provide high-quality steel products of various specifications and types, as well as various processing services, and actively respond to customer needs, to provide you with the best products and services.

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