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TOP 10 Steel Producing Company at 2018


According to the statistics of The World Steel Association (worldsteel), the top 10 steel production companies in 2018 as below. Including the steel company logo, even their information of development. By the way, ArcelorMittal and China Baowu Steel Group always on the top in the steel industry.

RankCompanyTonnage 2018Steel Company Logo
10Shougang Group27.34MtShougang Group logo
9Jianlong Group27.88MtJianlong Group logo
8JFE Steel Corporation29.15MtJFE Steel Corporation logo
7Ansteel Group37.36MtAnsteel Group logo
6Shagang Group40.66MtShagang Group logo
5POSCO42.86MtPOSCO logo
4HBIS Group46.80MtHBIS Group logo
3Nippon Steel Corporation49.22MtNippon Steel Corporation logo
2China Baowu Group67.43MtChina Baowu Group logo
1ArcelorMittal96.42MtArcelorMittal logo

10. Shougang Group

The main business part of Shougang Group is producing steel. And it also does the business in mining, machinery, electronics, construction, real estate, service industry, overseas trade and other industries. It was founded in 1919. It made the first 30-ton oxygen top blown converter in China successfully. It means a lot at that time in the Chinese steel industry. And it becomes one of the top 10 steel companies in the Chinese in 1978 due to its steel production reached 1.79 million tons. After years of development, It ranked 295th on the FORTUNE 500 list in 2012.

9. Jianlong Group

Jianlong Group is a large-scale enterprise group that combines with resources, steel, shipping, electromechanical and etc. It made steel 12.36 million tons and 27 ships. The works of Jianlong Group have strong product innovation capabilities. They had produced high-value products after years of development. Sucha as 60Si2Mn, 65Mn spring steel and 20CrMnTi gear steel. These products have become the great material of automotive and machinery industries. And the products are exported to the US, South Korea, Japan, Singapore and etc.


8. JFE Steel Company

JFE Steel Corporation is one of the large scale enterprises in the world. And it is the second largest steel group in Japan. Also, it is one of the few companies in the world that makes compact cars. Its many technologies of steel represent the highest level in the steel industry.

7. Ansteel Group

Ansteel Group is the first large-scale steel conglomerate after the establishment of modern China. It is the first steel production base in China. Chinese people always called it as the cradle of the Chinese steel industry. It does a great job for Chinese steel industry development and economic. Its production total amount is 328 million tons of iron and 343 million tons of steel. The scope of business is steel, iron, vanadium, titanium, stainless steel and special steel production. And also has the business of cleaning energy generation, coal sales.

Shagang Group was made in 1975 by a self-financing fund of 450000 yuan. Over the past 20 years of Chinese reform and opening up, it keeps scientific and technological innovation. Finally, its power gets very strong in China. It has an annual production capacity of 0 million tons of iron, 15 million tons of steel. And the 400,000 tons of stainless steel sheets and 150,000 tons of galvanized sheets. It is the biggest production base of electric furnace steel and high-quality special steel. And it is the largest private steel enterprise in China.

5. POSCO Steel Company

POSCO was established in 1968 by the Korean government to made self-sufficiency in steel. It has the biggest steel mill which produces steel 16 million tons in a year. In 2013, it ranked 146th on the FORTUNE 500 list. Because of the foundation of POSCO, Korean produced 500000 tons of steel at the beginning of 1970. Korean become the sixth largest steel company in the world. It produces steel 50 million tons of steel every year right now. The output of steel bars reached 26.8 million tons in the 2001 year. Which make it surpass the steel company of Japan in the 2000 year to reach the top. Even it has been through the biggest down of steel industry, its net profit is 819 billion won. That is the greatest business performance in the steel industry.

4. HBIS Group

HBIS Group was made on June 30, 2008. It has 16 branches throughout China right now. The main business is to produce steel. And financial services and modern logistics also are their business parts. The workers are more than 140000. Since the establishment of it, its annual steel production total amount is up to 42.84 million tons from 31.08 million tons. The total assets were reached 316.8 billion yuan from 148 billion yuan. It is great progress for its business. Its competitiveness and international influence have continued to increase year by year. It becomes the top 500 companies in the world for five consecutive years.

3. Nippon Steel Corporation

Nippon Steel Corporation was founded on March 31, 1970. It is the biggest steel company in Japan. And also is the large scale company in the world. It’s the head office is in Tokyo. It is called the cradle of Japan steel industry.

2. China Baowu Group

The steel production scale of China Baowu Group is about 20 million tons right now. The steel plate and pipe is the main part of the business branch. The stainless steel products are under development. But high-value products are at the top of the Chinese market. Such as automobile plates, shipbuilding plates, pipeline steels and etc. And it is the main supplier in China for the field of mold steel, bearing steel, spring steel and other special steel.

1. ArcelorMittal

ArcelorMittal is the best steel producer in the world. It almost hires 320000 people in more than 60 countries. The head office at Luxembourg. The steel production of one year is 130 million tons. That is about 10% of the world’s total steel production. It is on the top of the field of automotive, construction, packaging and etc. There are 28 Chinese steel companies became the top 50 steel producers of global crude steel production in 2018. It is an increase compares with last year. Chinese steel is always on the way of getting better.


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