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Tool Steel Distributors: Supply Various Types of Tool Steel

Tool steel is the first choice material for manufacturing various tools, knives and molds. It has excellent properties and is widely used in many fields. Quality tool steel is the backbone of many industries, so choosing the right partner is crucial. Do you need to find tool steel distributors? Our Songshun Steel will be one of the best choices. As one of the major tool steel distributors in China, we export a variety of high-quality tool steels to various countries to meet your needs.

Tool Steel Types and Characteristics

Many tool steel distributors classify tool steel in different ways, with different types having different characteristics. Our Songshun Steel is classified according to the tool steels we often provide to customers, that is, according to their different chemical compositions. They are usually divided into carbon tool steels, alloy tool steels and high-speed tool steels.

Carbon Tool Steel: It is a tool steel containing no more than 1.2% carbon element. It is mainly composed of iron and carbon. After heat treatment, the surface can obtain higher hardness and wear resistance, and is easy to process, but the hardness and strength are not as good as other types of tool steel.Common carbon tool steels include T7, T8, T8A, T8Mn, T9, T10, T11, T12, etc.

Alloy Tool Steel: On the basis of carbon tool steel, other alloying elements such as chromium, molybdenum and cobalt are added to improve its properties and improve its hardness, strength, wear resistance and thermal stability. Its hardenability, hardenability, wear resistance and toughness are all higher than those of carbon tool steel.

High Speed Tool Steel: It is a tool steel named for its excellent performance under high-speed cutting working conditions. It has high hardness, wear resistance, heat resistance, etc. Common high-speed tool steels include M2, M35, M42, T1, etc.

Tool Steel Applications

Tool steel is widely used in the manufacturing industry and is often used to make high-speed cutting tools, molds, cutters, milling cutters, stamping dies, drill bits, saw blades, bench tools, precision turning tools, measuring tools and blades, etc.

Why choose Songshun

1.As one of the high-quality tool steel distributors, Songshun can guarantee that the tool steel provided is of high performance and high quality, and has inventory all year round. We can provide “small batches and multiple grades” that competitors cannot do. Different thicknesses and lengths can also be customized.

2.Establishing a partnership with a trustworthy tool steel distributor is not only about transactions, but also about providing technical support. Songshun has rich experience and a professional team that can actively respond to customers, provide customers with pre-sales and after-sales services, and provide one-stop solutions to help customers choose the correct tool steel type, shape and size for their projects.

3.The reputation and trust of tool steel distributors are also very important. As a supplier with no quality incident complaints for 10 consecutive years and long-term cooperation with up to 70% of customers, Songshun provides good tool steel and services and establishes relationships with more customers a valuable partnership.

In short, when you choose tool steel distributors, choose Songshun as your partner, we can not only provide you with various types of tool steel, but also ensure high performance and high quality, which can be well applied to your products, the potential of tool steel is fully utilized to create excellent products.


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