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The Reveal Of 1.2312 Steel Price

1.2312 steel is a star product among mold steels. It has high hardness, high strength, high wear resistance, good processability, good toughness and other properties. It is widely used in mold manufacturing, construction, mechanical processing, automobiles and other fields, is a high-quality pre-hardened plastic mold steel and an indispensable important material in industrial production. As the market changes, 1.2312 steel price is affected by many factors. This article will take you to understand the market trends and future predictions of 1.2312 steel price, and also the reveal of 1.2312 steel price provided by Songshun Steel.

1.2312 Steel Price Market Trend Analysis

In recent years, with the rapid development of manufacturing fields such as automobiles, molds, and machinery, as well as the increasing demand for modern production and market, the application prospects of 1.2312 steel have become even broader. In the market, many factories, engineers, manufacturers, etc. often purchase 1.2312 steel to manufacture various molds, parts, steel structures, etc. Therefore, 1.2312 steel price is affected by factors such as market competition, cost, and the global economy. 1.2312 steel price has shown an overall upward trend year by year.

Forecast Of 1.2312 Steel Price In The Future

1.Raw material price: 1.2312 steel price is directly affected by the cost of raw materials. Last year, ferroalloy prices showed an overall downward trend, resulting in excess supply. In 2024, the market will continue to focus on economic recovery, dominated by inventories. It is expected that the price of ferroalloys will stabilize, and there is no possibility of significant efficiency gains.

2. Market demand: In the future, with the continuous development of the global economy, industry and manufacturing, the continuous improvement of technology and production capabilities, and the promotion of automation, the demand for 1.2312 steel in many industries will also gradually increase. It is predicted that the price of 1.2312 steel will be affected by market demand in the future and maintain a stable or even growing trend.

3.Macroeconomics: Changes in the global economic situation and trade policies affect the value of currency, which may in turn affect the price of 1.2312 steel . In recent years, global economic growth has slowed down due to factors such as epidemics and wars. But I believe that with the end of the epidemic and war and the development of modernization, the global economy will get better and better in the future.

1.2312 Steel Price

Last year, Songshun Steel had a large reserve of 1.2312 steel based on various predictions and market surveys. Therefore, when the overall of 1.2312 steel price in the market showed an upward trend, our Songshun Steel had a great price advantage. Not only did it not increase the price, but it also Conduct promotions.

The 1.2312 steel we provide is strictly carried out from production, processing, testing, packaging, etc., and we provide 1.2312 steel that meets international standards or customer requirements to ensure high quality. We ship the goods in hot-rolled, pre-hardened, black surface, etc., and can be delivered immediately, the special price spot specifications of 1.2312 steel are as follows:

1.2312 Steel Special Price Specifications
Thickness (mm)Weight (tons)
20 20

Size: 20~120mm×2000~2800×3000~6000mm (Other specifications support customization)

1.2312 Steel/P20+S Steel Price Supplied By Songshun:

  • Thickness below 119mm:
    Price for 10~50 tons: FOB Shenzhen USD 820/ton
    Price for 50~100 tons: FOB Shenzhen USD 800/ton
    Price above 100 tons: FOB Shenzhen USD 770/ton
  • Thickness 119-149mm:
    Price for 10~50 tons: FOB Shenzhen USD 840/ton
    Price for 50~100 tons: FOB Shenzhen USD 900/ton
    Price above 100 tons: FOB Shenzhen USD 870/ton

  • Thickness 150-181mm:
    Price for 10~50 tons: FOB Shenzhen USD 980/ton
    Price for 50~100 tons: FOB Shenzhen USD 960/ton
    Price above 100 tons: FOB Shenzhen USD 935/ton

To sum up, 1.2312 steel price will show an upward trend in the future, and many purchasers should pay close attention to market trends in order to save costs. Currently, Songshun Steel offers high-quality 1.2312 steel at special prices. The promotion time is limited. If you need to purchase, placing an order in these months is the best and most accurate decision.


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