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The Production Process Of Creating High Quality DIN 1.2311 Steel

1.2311 steel is a high-quality pre-hardened mold steel widely used in various mold manufacturing fields. It has good wear resistance, processing performance, polishability, photo-etching properties, etc. DIN 1.2311 steel is favored by the manufacturing industry and is produced through demanding production processes and “ultra-pure” production process, giving it an excellent and pure organizational structure. This article will take you through in detail the specific production process and technology we use to create high-quality DIN 1.2311 steel.

1.Raw Materials

Before producing DIN 1.2311 steel, the first step is to select suitable and high-quality raw materials. The steel billets we use have high-purity alloy elements that meet specific chemical composition and mechanical property requirements, ensuring the stability and uniformity of the alloy composition.

2. Smelting and Refining

Usually we use electric furnaces or vacuum furnaces for smelting, and then use high-temperature smelting, vacuum treatment, fine filtration and deoxygenation and other process controls, and refine under vacuum or protective atmosphere. These steps can ensure the purity of the molten metal, effectively remove impurities and non-metallic inclusions, reduce the content of gas, reduce defects in the steel, and ensure the composition of DIN 1.2311 steel is uniform and stable, improving its quality.

3. Casting and Molding

After smelting, we use precision casting technology and equipment to pour the molten alloy steel liquid into a pre-designed casting mold. After cooling and solidification, a uniform and pore-free initial steel billet is formed. The continuous casting process can further improve the uniformity and purity of steel, make the internal structure of DIN 1.2311 steel uniform, and avoid defects such as shrinkage cavities and slag inclusions.

4. Thermal Processing

The initial 1.2311 steel billet is subjected to thermal processing processes such as heating, forging, and rolling to obtain the shape and size that meets customer needs.

5.Heat Treatment

The formed 1.2311 steel is subjected to precise heat treatment processes such as annealing, quenching or tempering. DIN 1.2311 steel specifications and requirements are different, and the heat treatment process parameters and processes used will also be different. The following are the heat treatment specifications of our Songshun Steel for 1.2311 steel under normal circumstances:

  • Annealing
    The temperature of spheroidizing annealing for DIN 1.2311 steel is between 680℃-730℃, and the time is generally 2-4 hours. Soft annealing is at 710~740°C and slowly cooled in the furnace.
  • Quenching
    1.2311 steel quenching temperature is 840~870℃, oil cooling or 180~220℃ salt bath. Or 860-880℃ insulation, air cooling slightly higher than room temperature and instant tempering.
  • Tempering
    After quenching, the DIN 1.2311 steel is tempered immediately. The tempering temperature is between 100°C and 700°C for no less than 2-2.5 hours, and then it is air-cooled out of the furnace.

After DIN 1.2311 steel undergoes a heat treatment process, the mechanical properties and organizational structure of the steel can be effectively improved to obtain the required hardness and strength. It also further reduces impurities and gas content, reduces brittleness and improves toughness. It can also improve the wear and corrosion resistance of steel.

6. Processing Technology

After completing the heat treatment, the 1.2311 steel is finished according to the customer’s needs. Including cutting, turning, grinding, milling and other processes. The main purpose of this process is to obtain the required shape and size of the steel.

7.Surface Treatment

In order to further improve the surface properties of DIN 1.2311 steel so that it has better surface finish, wear resistance and fatigue resistance, surface treatment is also required. For example, there are polishing, surface quenching, pickling, nitriding, carburizing, flame spraying, etc. The process also helps reduce surface defects, impurity content and gas content.

8. Inspection and Quality Control

Inspection of DIN 1 .2311 steel is very important and is the last step in the production process. By testing the hardness, specifications, chemical composition, metallographic structure, flaw detection, straightness, etc. of 1.2311 steel, we ensure that the final product meets international standards or customer requirements and provide the highest quality steel.

To sum up, in order to create high-quality DIN 1.2311 steel, Songshun Steel must strictly control the smelting, casting, heat treatment, processing, surface treatment and testing to achieve the requirements of the “ultra-pure” process and achieve the goal of eliminating impurities and gas content are significantly reduced, ensuring material purity and uniformity. Therefore, the 1.2311 steel we provide has excellent performance and quality, providing excellent and reliable material guarantees for various fields.


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