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The Points You Must Know About Purchase 1.2311 Steel

What is 1.2311 steel?
2311 steel is a low alloy plastic mold steel with high hardness and strength, which has excellent heat treatment and mechanical processing properties. It usually adopts the EAF+LF+VD steelmaking process and can undergo nitriding treatment. 1.2311 steel can be used to manufacture large plastic molds, and is often widely used in various mold manufacturing industries, automotive fields, plastic product processing and other fields.

Whether you are supplying or purchasing 1.2311 steel products, you can better manufacture and select high-quality DIN 1.2311 steel if you have an in-depth understanding of 1.2311 steel equivalent, chemical composition, properties, application, heat treatment, specifications, etc.

1.2311 Steel Equivalent

1.2311 steel equivalent grade:
(1) Chinese GB /T 1299-2014 standard: GB 3Cr2Mo;
The Chinese equivalent grades of DIN 1.2311 steel are YB SM3Cr2Mo, ISC T25303;
(2) American ASTM A681-2008 standard: AISI/SAE/ASTM P20;
(3) German EN ISO 4957 standard: DIN 40CrMnMo 7 / DIN 1.2311;
(4) International standard: ISO 35CrMo2.

2311 Steel Chemical Composition

The chemical composition of this steel is mainly composed of elements such as carbon, chromium, manganese, silicon and phosphorus. The biggest difference between it and 1.2312 in chemical composition is the sulfur content, while 1.2311 contains less sulfur. DIN 1.2311 steel has a high carbon content, between 0.35% and 0.45%, which makes it have high strength and high hardness; it contains Cr components between 1.8% and 2.1%, which can increase wear resistance and corrosion resistance Sex; then 1.2312 steel Mn content and silicon content can improve the machinability and toughness strength of the steel, achieve the effect and reduce the cost.

DIN 1.2311 Steel Properties

ASTM P20 / DIN 1.2311 steel has the following properties:
1. After proper heat treatment, 1.2311 steel can achieve high hardness, excellent wear resistance and strength.
2. Excellent corrosion resistance, able to maintain a stable working condition in harsh environments.
3. It has a certain degree of plasticity, and can realize the manufacture of complex shapes through processing and heating.
4. High hardness and high strength, it can still maintain good rigidity at high temperature.
5. Long service life reduces the frequency of material replacement.
6. Good machinability, its performance can be improved by heat treatment and cooling.
7. Good cutting performance and low deformation rate ensure the precision and stability of the mold.
8. High toughness, able to withstand greater impact and pressure during the use of the mold, reducing the risk of cracking and fracture of the mold.

1.2311 Steel Application

1.2311 steel plays an important role in many fields and is mainly used in the following fields:

  • Mold Field: 1.2311 steel is suitable for making cold work molds, blow molds, injection molds, extrusion molds, mold bases, die-casting molds, SMC dies, extrusion molds, etc.
  • Automotive Field: It can be used to manufacture various auto parts, such as automobile shell molds, transmission gears, crankshafts, camshafts, etc.
  • Electronics and Electrical Appliances: 2311 steel can be used to manufacture various electronic equipment casings, mobile phone casings, home appliance casings, some connecting parts or fixing parts in battery components, etc.

1.2311 steel is not only suitable for conventional industrial production, but also can play an important role in special fields such as marine engineering and chemical engineering. And 1.2311 steel can be used to make molds in toys, household items, medical equipment, food packaging and other fields.

Heat Treatment of AISI P20 / DIN 1.2311 Steel

1. Annealing: 760-790°C; quenching: 850-880°C, oil cooling; tempering: 580-640°C, air cooling;
2. Keep the heated steel at the target temperature for a period of time to allow it to reach a proper organizational state. Then the heat-preserved steel is cooled rapidly, usually by oil cooling or air cooling, and rapid cooling can make the steel meet the hardness requirement.
3. Normally, after quenching and tempering, the hardness of 1.2311 steel can reach 28-32HRC;
4. Temper the cooled 1.2311 steel to adjust its hardness and toughness. Tempering temperature and time are selected according to specific needs.

1.2311 Steel Supply

The available states of 1.2311 steel include: hot-rolled or forged plates, bars, round bars, flat bars, square bars, etc.
Other specifications or types: support customization;
Surface treatment: pre-hardened state (28-36HRC), smooth surface, black leather or according to given requirements.
1.2311 Steel Price:
(1) Price for 50~100 tons: FOB SHANGHAI 776USD/TON
(2) Price for above 100 tons: FOB SHANGHAI 760USD/TON

In short, 1.2311 plastic mold steel has excellent heat treatment performance and mechanical properties, moderate cost and wide range of applications. In Songshun Steel, we improve the production efficiency and product quality of 1.2311 steel, reduce production costs and enhance market competitiveness.


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