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The Points You Must Know About 1045 Steel

In Songshun, customers order 1045 steel every month, and the purchase volume is large, which shows that 1045 steel has a large market demand and is widely used. 1045 steel is a medium-carbon quenched and tempered structural steel with excellent properties, mainly composed of carbon, steel and other alloy elements. When the mechanical properties are required to be high, quenching and tempering treatment is used. And it is widely used in machinery, engineering, manufacturing and other fields, providing reliable performance and durability for various industrial and mechanical applications.

In this article, you can learn more about the equivalent, chemical composition, properties and features, applications and supply range of 1045 steel.

1045 Steel Equivalent

1045 steel equivalent grade:
China GB/T 699-1999 standard: GB 45 ;
China GB/T 5216-2004 standard: GB 45H;
American ASTM A29/A29M-2012 standard: AISI/SAE/ASTM 1045;
German EN 10083-2-2006 standard: DIN C45 / DIN C45E,
DIN 1.0503 / DIN 1.1191;
Japan JIS G4051 standard: JIS S45C.

AISI 1045 Steel Chemical Composition

The chemical composition of 1045 steel is mainly composed of carbon, silicon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, iron and other elements. The carbon content of AISI 1045 steel is between 0.43% and 0.50%. The carbon element can strengthen the crystal structure of steel through Solid solution strengthening, improve its tensile strength and hardness, and make it have excellent hardness and strength; its manganese content is between 0.60% and 0.90%, which can improve the toughness and cold workability of steel, making it easier to process and shape; its sulfur content is controlled below 0.005%, which can not only maintain good mechanical properties, but also can Improve the processing performance and cutting performance of steel; and the reasonable ratio of the three elements of carbon, manganese and sulfur in 1045 steel makes it have good strength and wear resistance.

1045 Steel Properties and Features

The properties of ASTM 1045 / DIN C45 / JIS S45C steel are:
(1) High strength, high hardness and high toughness.
(2) Excellent wear resistance and plasticity.
(3) Good cold and hot processing performance.
(4) High yield strength and tensile strength, the yield strength is 355MPa, and the tensile strength is 600MPa.
(5) Easy processing and heat treatment.
(6) Can withstand greater impact and extrusion.

Features: The price of 1045 steel is low, the source of materials is wide and convenient, and it is widely used. It is usually supplied in black hot-rolled or normalized state.

ASTM 1045 Steel Applications

What is 1045 steel good for?
Its high strength, wear resistance and good processing performance make it the first choice of manufacturers and architects, mainly used in construction machinery, aviation, tool manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, construction and other fields. Some of these common uses:

  • Tools: 1045 steel can be used to manufacture daily tools, such as knives, garden tools, woodworking drills, anti-theft locks and hammer heads, etc., and 1045 steel can be welded with other steels faster than 1018 steel, which is more suitable for making knives.
  • Fasteners: Nuts, screws, pins, round nails, hexagonal nails, etc. can be manufactured for various industries.
  • Auto Parts: 45 steel is used to manufacture automobile bearings, transmission shafts, gears, friction plates and automobile chassis structures, etc. The high strength and rigidity of 1045 steel make the automobile have better stability and safety performance, thereby improving the overall driving experience.
  • Structural Parts: used to manufacture aircraft landing gear, wings, etc., drilling platforms, pipelines, structural support rods and other important structural parts in the oil field.

In addition to the above applications, 1045 steel has also found a wide range of uses in other industries. It is also commonly used in various mechanical equipment, electrical product components, furniture, etc., and plays an important role in the development of various industries.

Supply 1045 Steel

1045 medium carbon steel round bar: diameter Ø2~3000mm;
1045 steel plate: thickness 2mm – 1500mm x width 200mm – 3000mm;
1045 flat steel: 200mm – 1000mm;
Other specifications or types: support customization;
Surface treatment: black, rough machined, turned or as per given requirements.

Nowadays, with the continuous progress of technology, the requirements for performance and quality of 1045 steel are also increasing. The excellent performance and reliability of aisi 1045 steel make it the preferred material in many industries, and the market demand is increasing. In Songshun Steel, we have more than ten years of experience in providing GB 45 / DIN C45 / JIS S45C / ASTM 1045 steel. We have complete specifications, sufficient stock, fast delivery, favorable price and quality assurance. Welcome to contact us at any time for inquiry.


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