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Technical Breakthrough Of 1.2312 Material In Controlling Sulfur Element

DIN 1.2312 steel is a plastic mold steel with excellent cutting performance. The 1.2312 material increases the content of S element compared to 1.2311 steel, and the addition of S element can improve the cutting performance of the steel. However, S element is a harmful element that can easily combine with other elements in the steel to form sulfides, which can reduce the plasticity and toughness of the steel and easily cause hot cracks during processing, So, in order to ensure the steel performance and improve the cutting performance of 1.2312 steel, while taking into account production costs and benefits, we have made breakthroughs in controlling sulfur elements technology in Songshun Steel.

In order to solve the influence of S element on the performance of 1.2312 steel to a certain extent, controlling the content and distribution of sulfur element is a key technical breakthrough point. This article will discuss the technological breakthroughs in controlling sulfur from several aspects.

1. Raw Material Selection And Pretreatment

The chemical composition of raw materials is strictly controlled, and high-quality materials with low sulfur content are selected as raw materials for 1.2312 steel to reduce the initial content of sulfur elements. Pretreatment measures can also be carried out, such as vacuum furnace smelting and high-temperature desulfurization, to minimize the sulfur content in raw materials. High-temperature desulfurization mainly promotes the dissolution of lime, improves the fluidity of slag, etc. through the increase of temperature, that is, improves the kinetic conditions of desulfurization, thereby accelerating the speed of desulfurization. It can also be desulfurized through the converter, but the efficiency is relatively low. Generally, molten iron pretreatment is used to reduce the desulfurization pressure of the converter.

2. Precise Alloy Design And Optimization

By adjusting the content and proportion of other alloying elements in the 1.2312 material, determining the optimal alloy composition and treatment method, and controlling the content of sulfur element within a suitable range, the influence of sulfur element on the properties of steel can be adjusted. For example, a certain amount of zirconium can be added to steel, and zirconium can combine with sulfur to form stable zirconium sulfide, thereby preventing the adverse effects of sulfur on steel. In addition, zirconium can also improve the grain boundary strength and wear resistance of steel, and improve the processing performance and service life of steel.

3. Optimization Of Smelting Process

In the process of smelting 1.2312 material, the volatilization and oxidation of sulfur element can be reduced by optimizing the smelting process, controlling parameters such as furnace temperature, furnace atmosphere, holding time and cooling speed, and effectively reducing the sulfur content in steel. At the same time, use appropriate sulfur removal agents in the furnace, such as limestone, calcium oxide, alumina, soda ash, etc., to react sulfur elements with sulfur removal agents to form volatile sulfides, thereby reducing the content of sulfur elements. It is also possible to use argon protection during the smelting process, argon reacts with sulfur to form easily evaporated sulfide, and helps sulfur to volatilize from the steel. This method can control the content of sulfur in the steel and improve the properties of the steel.

4. Improve Refined Processing Technology

(1) Heat treatment process: Optimize the heat treatment process parameters to further improve the sulfur content and distribution of 1.2312 steel. For example, controlling the heating temperature, appropriately increasing the heating temperature can promote the decomposition and removal of sulfides in steel, and improve the performance stability of the steel. However, the temperature should not be too high, otherwise it will cause problems such as coarse steel grains; The control of cooling speed , using a slower cooling rate to reduce the precipitation and diffusion of sulfur, thereby reducing the impact of sulfur.

(2) Vacuum heat treatment process: vacuum heat treatment, protective gas heat treatment and other processes can also be used to heat and treat 1.2312 materials in a vacuum environment to evaporate sulfur from the steel, thereby reducing the influence of sulfur on steel properties . At the same time, vacuum treatment can also improve the uniformity and density of steel, and improve its mechanical properties.

(3) Furnace treatment process: refining furnace treatment, the use of refining technology outside the furnace, such as ladle treatment, vacuum treatment, etc., high temperature treatment and impurity removal, to further reduce the sulfur content in 1.2312 molten steel. Effective removal of impurities and gases in molten steel can reduce the uneven distribution of sulfur and improve the purity of steel.

(4) Improve technology and introduce new technology: constantly innovate and improve the technology used in the manufacture of 1.2312 materials, and introduce new technical means, such as laser cladding technology, microalloying technology, ion implantation technology and ultrasonic treatment technology, etc., through which the content of sulfur elements can be reduced Or improve the distribution of sulfur elements, improve the surface properties and service life of 1.2312 steel.

The above are some technological breakthroughs in reducing sulfur content and controlling sulfur. Controlling the sulfur element of 1.2312 material is a complex process. Adding an appropriate amount of sulfur can improve the cutting performance and cutting speed of the steel. Excessive sulfur content will easily lead to scratches, damage or breakage. Therefore, through technological breakthroughs, you can Effectively control the content of sulfur in 1.2312 material steel, improve the quality, service life and performance of steel, and meet the needs of 1.2312 steel in different fields.


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