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Supply T15 High Speed Steel

T15 high speed steel is an ideal cutting tool material with excellent properties. It is widely used in industry, mold and tool manufacturing and other fields, and can meet cutting and stamping processing of different engineering needs. It has excellent wear resistance, and its wear resistance is about 5-7 times that of traditional high-speed steel. In addition, T15 high speed steel can withstand high temperatures of 600°C and is not easy to soften. It can improve its toughness while ensuring hardness, there are many ways to control its toughness.

This article will give you a detailed understanding of the equivalent specifications, chemical composition, properties, application, heat treatment and supply scope of T15 high speed steel supplied by Songshun Steel.

T15 High Speed Steel Equivalent Specification

China GB /T 9943 standard: GB W12Cr4v5Co5
American ASTM A600 standard: AISI/SAE/ASTM T15
German DIN 17350 standard: DIN EN/DIN S12-1-4-5 / W-Nr. 1.3202
Japanese JIS G 4403 standard: JIS SKH10

A600 T15 Steel Chemical Composition

A600 T15 High Speed Steel Chemical Composition (%)
1.50-1.600.15-0.400.15-0.40≤0.03≤0.033.75-5.00≤1.0011.75-13.004.50-5.254.75-5.25Ni+Cu≤ 0.75

T15 high-speed steel has a high W content and also contains Co element, which makes it have high wear resistance, hardness and anti-tempering stability, and improves the density, high temperature hardness and red hardness of the steel, and its durability exceeds the average More than 2 times that of high speed steel.

AISI T15 High Speed Steel Properties

  • Excellent cutting performance and wear resistance
  • Excellent hardness and heat resistance
  • Good impact resistance and red hardness
  • High toughness and strength
  • Good corrosion resistance and thermal stability
  • Good thermoplasticity and fine structure without segregation
  • Good resistance to tempering and softening

Application of ASTM T15 High Speed Steel

T15 high speed steel is widely used in various fields due to its excellent properties, including the following:

(1) Tool manufacturing field: T15 high-speed steel is mainly used to manufacture various cutting tools, including turning tools, broaching tools, milling cutters, high-speed drill bits, gear hobbing cutters, taps, spiral broaches, threading cutters, cutting tools and gear cutter, etc.

(2) Mold industry: It is mainly used to manufacture various molds and mold parts, including stamping molds, casting molds, injection molds, die-casting molds, extrusion molds, etc.

(3) Automobile manufacturing: T15 high speed steel is often used to manufacture various auto parts, including bearings, gears, threads, transmission systems, etc.

In addition, T15 high speed steel is also widely used in mechanical processing, aerospace, industry and other fields.

T15 High Speed Steel Heat Treatment

T15 high speed steel mainly adopts vacuum induction melting or electric arc furnace melting, vacuum refining, forging, heat treatment and other processes, and the correct heat treatment process can ensure that it obtains a uniform structure and good performance. The following are the heat treatment specifications for T15 high speed steel manufactured by Songshun Steel:

1. Annealing
Usually T15 high-speed steel is heated to 820-870℃, kept warm for 2 hours, cooled to 540℃ at a speed of ≤15℃/hour, and then cooled to room temperature by furnace cooling or still air.

Preheat T15 steel to 1220-1240℃, which can reach a hardness of 64-68HRC, oil or heat bath.

Usually the tempering temperature of T15 high-speed steel is 550-580℃, tempered three times, 1 hour each time, and air-cooled.

AISI/ASTM T15 High Speed Steel Supply

Shape types: round bar, flat steel, steel plate, tube, round bar, thin plate, forging, square steel, plate, seamless tube, thick plate, bar, etc.

Specifications: Available in various specifications, they can be customized according to customer needs and can be cut to the size you require.

Surface treatment: black, roughing, finishing, peeling and turning or as per given requirement.

Delivery status:
(1) Usually delivered in the form of hot rolled, annealed, forged, cold drawn steel bars or annealed + other processing methods (peeling, light drawing, grinding or polishing, etc.).

(2) Delivery hardness:

Heat Treatment / Delivery StatusHardness (HBW)
Cold Drawn≤269 (HB)
Cold Drawing and Annealing≤262
Heat Treatment≥63 (HR)

The above is the main information about T15 high speed steel provided by Songshun Steel. Our AISI T15 high speed steel has broad market prospects and development space. It not only has excellent performance, but also ensures high quality in strict accordance with international standards to provide customers with the best. T15 high speed steel.


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