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Supply M48 High Speed Steel

M48 steel among molybdenum-based high-speed steels is a high-alloy tool steel with fine carbide particles and excellent thermal stability. M48 high speed steel plays an important role in the tool and mold manufacturing industry and is widely used. Through the precise manufacturing process and heat treatment specifications of M48 high speed steel, we can maximize its performance and meet the needs of different fields. And compared with traditional forged M1, M2, M7 and other low-alloy high-speed steels, cutting tools made of M48 high-speed steel have longer life.

This article will give you a detailed understanding of the chemical composition analysis, properties, application, heat treatment specifications and delivery status of the M48 high speed steel supplied by Songshun Steel.

M48 High Speed Steel Chemical Composition

A600 M48 High Speed Steel Chemical Composition (%)
1.42-1.520.15-0.400.15-0.40≤0.03≤0.073.50-4.004.75-5.509.50-10.502.75-3.258.00-10.00Ni+Cu≤ 0.75
*Specially specified, sulfur can be 0.06 ~ 0.15% to improve processability.

M48 high speed steel is a high-performance tool steel containing a large amount of W and Co elements, which makes it have high wear resistance, excellent red hardness, high compressive strength and bending strength, etc., improves its thermal stability and also helps form fine carbides. And makes it excellent in cold work mold applications, being more durable than high carbon, high chromium mold steels like D2 and D3.

AISI M48 High Speed Steel Properties

  • High hardness and high wear resistance: The addition of M48 high speed steel W significantly improves its hardness and wear resistance. The hardness can reach 65-67 HRC, and it can withstand considerable pressure and friction under high-speed cutting conditions, keep your knives sharp and have a long service life.
  • Excellent cutting performance: It can be applied to a variety of processing techniques. Its excellent cutting performance enables the tool to cut various materials efficiently and accurately, which can improve work efficiency and cutting quality.
  • Good thermal stability: The addition of cobalt in M48 steel can improve the thermal stability, maintain stable performance at high temperatures, resist softening and deformation, and extend the service life of the tool.
  • Good toughness and fracture resistance: It can withstand large impact and vibration loads and has low brittleness, making it more suitable for complex-shaped tool and mold manufacturing.

In addition, M48 high-speed steel also has good thermal fatigue resistance, thermoplasticity, red hardness, wear and corrosion resistance, etc.

ASTM M48 High Speed Steel Application

M48 high speed steel is widely used in cutting tools, molds, machining, aerospace, metal, industry, automobiles and other fields. It is often used to manufacture various stamping dies, extrusion dies, planers, milling cutters, drill bits, taps, saw blades, high-load molds, plastic injection molds, die-casting molds, blades, spiral cutters, aviation high-temperature bearings, forming tools, hobs , heat-resistant and wear-resistant parts, etc.

M48 High Speed Steel Heat Treatment

The steel is mainly smelted in an electric arc furnace or vacuum induction furnace to obtain a fine and uniform structure, and then formed by forging or casting, rolling, drawing and other processing techniques. The following are the general heat treatment specifications for M48 high speed steel. Depending on the specifications and customer needs, the heat treatment parameters used will also be different.

(1) Annealing Specifications
Usually, the annealing temperature of M48 high speed steel is controlled at 860~900°C. The purpose is to eliminate stress, reduce hardness, make the microstructure uniform, and facilitate quenching.

(2) Quenching Specifications
First, M48 high speed steel is preheated to 732~843℃, then quenched at 1140~1280℃, salt bath furnace 1190℃, controlled atmosphere furnace 1202℃, and finally rapidly cooled in oil or gas.

(3) Tempering Specifications
The tempering temperature is generally controlled at 500-600°C, and the tempering time is multiple times based on the required hardness.

M48 High Speed Steel Supply

Shape types: round bar, steel plate, tube, round steel, flat steel, thin plate, forging, forged pipe, forged plate, bar, square steel, plate, seamless tube, disc, thick plate, etc.

Specifications: Various specifications are available and can be customized according to specific needs.

Surface treatment: black, rough machining, finishing, peeling and turning grinding, drilling or as per customer’s given requirements.

Delivery status:
(1) Usually delivered in the state of pre-hardened, annealed, hot rolled, forged, cold drawn steel bars, heat treated, or delivered after annealing + other processing methods (peeling, light drawing, grinding or polishing, etc.).

(2)Delivery hardness:

Heat Treatment / Delivery StatusHardness (HBW)
Cold Drawn≤331 (HB)
Cold Drawing and Annealing≤321
Heat Treatment≥66 (HR)

In general, the M48 high speed steel supplied by Songshun Steel not only has excellent performance, but is widely used. And during the production process, we have strict procedures and professional techniques to ensure the quality of AISI M48 high speed steel, and provide a variety of specifications and delivery status to meet the needs of different fields and customers.


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