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Supply M42 High Speed Steel

What is M42 high speed steel? It is a premium high-cobalt material and a high-performance high-speed cutting tool steel. The heat treatment and processing technology of M42 high speed steel have high requirements, so that it can further improve its performance and provide guarantee for the service life and processing efficiency of manufacturing tools, cutting tools, etc.

This article will give you a detailed understanding of the equivalent specification, chemical composition, performance, application, heat treatment and supply scope of M42 high speed steel supplied by Songshun Steel.

M42 High Speed Steel Equivalent Specification

China GB /T 9943 standard: GB W2Mo9Cr4VCo8
American ASTM A600 standard: AISI/SAE/ASTM M42
German DIN EN ISO 4957 standard: DIN EN/DIN S2-10-1-8 / DIN 1.3247
British BS 4659 standard: BS BM42
Japanese JIS G 4403 standard: JIS SKH59
Korean standard: KS SKH59
International standard: ISO HS2-9-1-8

These equivalent grades have similar chemical composition and properties, making them interchangeable in many applications.

M42 High Speed Steel Chemical Composition

M42 High Speed Steel Chemical Composition (%)
1.05-1.150.15-0.650.15-0.40≤0.03≤0.033.50-4.259.00-10.001.15-1.850.95-1.357.75-8.75Ni+Cu≤ 0.75

Co, chromium and molybdenum in M42 high speed steel are key alloying elements and are also the three elements with the highest content. The high content of cobalt makes the material very hard and tough at room temperature and high temperature. The high content of chromium and molybdenum can form a stable carbide phase and improve the hardness, corrosion resistance, strength and wear resistance of M42 steel.

AISI M42 High Speed Steel Properties

  • Excellent wear resistance and hot hardness.
  • High hardness, high red hot hardness and high toughness.
  • The carbide particles are fine and the grains are fine and uniform.
  • Good cutting performance.
  • Good heat resistance and strong impact resistance.
  • Strong corrosion resistance.

ASTM M42 High Speed Steel Application

M42 high speed steel can meet the needs of different fields and is widely used in mechanical processing, automobiles, cold stamping products industry, aerospace, mold manufacturing, screw industry and other fields. ASTM M42 high speed steel is used in various fields to manufacture various cutting tools, molds, parts, etc., such as planers, stamping dies, extrusion dies, saw blades, gear cutters, punches, thread cutters, cutter heads, taps, hobbing dies , advanced dies, drill bits, milling cutters, camshaft parts, forming tools, etc.

M42 High Speed Steel Heat Treatment

Usually our M42 high speed steel includes steelmaking, forging, annealing, quenching, tempering and other steps. The specific heat treatment parameters will be adjusted according to the specific situation and processing requirements.

(1) Under normal circumstances, the quenching temperature of M42 steel is around 1170-1210°C, which is maintained for a certain period of time, and then needs to be cooled quickly to speed up the lattice formation of the steel.

(2) Tempering is carried out after quenching. Usually the tempering temperature of M42 high speed steel is 540-600°C, soaking for not less than 2 hours, and three temperings are required. Three temperings are required. Intermittent cooling in air for at least 1 hour is required between temperings. Available hardnesses are 66 to 69 HRC.

(3) After tempering, M42 high speed steel is sometimes quenched a second time to further improve the hardness and wear resistance, depending on customer needs.

Different needs will control the heat treatment temperature and time of AISI M42 steel. Therefore, we will strictly formulate various parameters and processes of the manufacturing process according to the requirements.

M42 High Speed Steel Supply

1. Shape Types: round bars, steel plates, tubes, steel strips, forgings, forged pipes, forged plates, forged rods, plates, thin plates, seamless pipes, welded pipes, round steel, flat steel, discs, bars, etc.

2. Specifications: We have abundant inventory and provide various specifications, which can be customized according to specific needs.
Common specifications include: round steel: diameter 2mm-300mm;
Plate: thickness 2mm-400mm, width 100mm-1000mm.

3. Surface Treatment: black, rough machining, precision grinding, peeling and turning or as per given requirements.

4.Delivery Status:

Heat Treatment / Delivery StatusHardness (HBW)
Cold Drawn≤285
Cold Drawing and Annealing≤277
Heat TreatmentHR ≥66

To sum up, the M42 high speed steel provided by Songshun Steel has excellent performance, and we not only ensure good quality, but also have a cost-effective price. The AISI M42 high speed steel we provide has uniform hardness, good metallographic structure, and flaw detection can reach D/d level, even E/e level, etc. Committed to providing high-quality high speed steel.


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