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Supply M4 High Speed Steel

M4 steel is a high-carbon, high-vanadium powder, and high-alloy molybdenum series high speed steel. It is also a commonly used high-speed cutting tool steel. M4 high speed steel has the advantages of extremely uniform carbide distribution and high toughness, and is widely used in the field of cutting tools and molds. During the heat treatment process, it is easy to overheat and has a greater tendency to carbide. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly control the heating temperature and cooling and heat preservation time, and protect the heat treatment.

This article will take you to learn more about the M4 high speed steel supplied by Songshun Steel, including its equivalent specifications, chemical composition analysis, properties, application, heat treatment specifications and delivery status, etc.

M4 High Speed Steel Equivalent Specification

China GB /T 9943 standard: GB W6Mo5Cr4V4
American ASTM A600 standard: AISI/SAE/ASTM M4
German DIN EN ISO 4957 standard: DIN EN/DIN HS 6-5-4 / W-Nr 1.3351
Japanese JIS G 4403 standard: JIS SKH54

These equivalent grades have similar chemical composition and mechanical properties, making them interchangeable in many applications.

M4 High Speed Steel Chemical Composition

A600 M4 High Speed Steel Chemical Composition (%)
1.25-1.400.20-0.450.15-0.40≤0.03≤0.033.75-4.754.25-5.505.25-6.503.75-4.50Ni+Cu≤ 0.75

M4 high speed steel is a high-carbon, high-vanadium material. Compared with M2, M4 has increased carbon and vanadium content, giving it better surface hardness, high-temperature hardness, wear resistance, and heat resistance. And the addition of molybdenum and chromium can improve the heat resistance and corrosion resistance of steel; the addition of cobalt can improve the cutting performance and thermal stability of steel.

ASTM M4 High Speed Steel Properties

  • Excellent wear resistance and heat resistance
  • High hardness, high toughness and high processing efficiency
  • Carbide distribution is extremely uniform
  • Easy to process, dimensional stability after heat treatment
  • Good bending strength and impact resistance
  • Good thermal fatigue strength and corrosion resistance
  • Excellent cutting performance and thermal conductivity

AISI M4 High Speed Steel Application

1. Tool manufacturing: M4 high-speed steel is commonly used to manufacture various cutting tools, including milling cutters, gear cutting blades, cutting knives, turning tools, planers, hobs, broaches, thread combs, etc.

2. Mechanical processing: It is often used to manufacture drill bits, taps, punches, taps, threads, pins, etc.

3. Mold manufacturing: cold work dies, stamping dies, cold extrusion dies, cutting dies, cold forging dies, fine blanking dies, etc.

4. Automotive industry: often used to manufacture thin cutters, camshafts, cutting tools, gears, drive shafts, drill bits and other components of vehicle engines.

5. Medical equipment: It can be used to make surgical blades, bone saws, dental drills and other medical equipment.

In addition, M4 high-speed steel is also used in aerospace, die-casting industry, plastic processing and other fields.

M4 High Speed Steel Heat Treatment

(1) Thermal processing specifications
The starting temperature is 1040~1150℃ and the ending temperature is 930℃.

(2) Annealing specifications
Usually, the annealing temperature of M4 high-speed steel is controlled at 870~900℃, kept warm for 4~6 hours, and then cooled in the furnace. After cooling to a certain temperature, the heat preservation continues, and finally it is air-cooled out of the furnace.

(3) Quenching specifications
First, preheat M4 steel to 730~850℃, control the quenching temperature at 1024℃ (salt bath furnace), box furnace 1210~1230℃, and the quenching medium is oil, air cooling or salt bath.

(4) Tempering specifications
The tempering temperature is generally controlled between 540 and 560°C. It requires multiple temperings, one hour each time, and air cooling to room temperature.

M4 High Speed Steel Supply

Shape types: round bar, steel plate, tube, round steel, flat steel, thin plate, forging, forged pipe, forged plate, bar, square steel, plate, seamless tube, thick plate, etc.

Specifications: Various specifications are available and can be cut to the required size according to the specific needs of customers.

Surface treatment: black, rough machining, finishing, peeling and turning grinding, drilling or as per customer’s given requirements.

Delivery status:
(1) Usually delivered in the state of pre-hardened, annealed, hot-rolled, forged, cold-drawn steel bars, annealed hot-rolled bars, annealed cold-worked bars, or annealed + other processing methods (peeling, light drawing, Polished or polished, etc.) and delivered after processing.

(2)Delivery hardness:

Heat Treatment / Delivery StatusHardness (HBW)
Cold Drawn≤269 (HB)
Cold Drawing and Annealing≤262
Heat Treatment≥64 (HR)

The above is the detailed information of M4 high speed steel provided by Songshun Steel. Our AISI M4 high speed steel is exported to various countries and is widely used. In the future, we will further improve the performance of M4 high-speed steel by optimizing the alloy ratio and process to meet more stringent industrial and customer needs.


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