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Supply M2 High Speed Steel

What is M2 high speed steel? It is a high-end steel with excellent comprehensive properties, has excellent red hardness and wear resistance, small carbide unevenness and high toughness. It is widely used and is a commonly used high-end tool material that can meet the needs of industrial production that require high cutting accuracy and efficiency. Usually when manufacturing M2 high speed steel, the requirements for heating temperature control and heat treatment protection are stricter, so that higher quality M2 steel can be produced.

The following is detailed information about the M2 high speed steel supplied by Songshun Steel, including its equivalent specifications, chemical composition, properties, applications, heat treatment and supply scope, etc.

M2 High Speed Steel Equivalent Specification

China GB /T 9943 standard: GB W6Mo5Cr4V2
American ASTM A600 standard: AISI/SAE/ASTM M2
German DIN EN ISO 4957 standard: DIN EN/DIN HS6-5-2 / DIN 1.3339
British BS 4659 standard: BS BM2
Japanese JIS G 4403 standard: JIS SKH51
Russian standard: GOST R6M5
Swedish standard: SS 2722

These equivalent grades have similar chemical composition and mechanical properties, making them interchangeable in many applications.

M2 High Speed Steel Chemical Composition

M2 High Speed Steel Chemical Composition (%) (Regluar C)
0.78-0.880.20-0.450.15-0.40≤0.03≤0.033.75-4.504.50-5.505.50-6.751.75-2.20Ni+Cu≤ 0.75
M2 High Speed Steel Chemical Composition (%) (High C)
0.95-1.050.20-0.420.15-0.40≤0.03≤0.033.75-4.504.50-5.505.50-6.751.75-2.20Ni+Cu≤ 0.75

From the table, M2 high speed steel has high amounts of chromium, molybdenum, tungsten, vanadium and other alloying elements. These elements are key elements that affect the heat resistance, corrosion resistance and toughness of high-speed steel. Among them, Ce can reduce the segregation of alloying elements such as W and Mo in M2 high speed steel, reducing and refining the amount of eutectic carbides.

AISI M2 High Speed Steel Properties

  • Excellent hardness, wear resistance and thermal stability: The hardness of AISI M2 high-speed steel can usually reach 60-65 HRC. The excellent red (hot) hardness makes it have excellent wear resistance and can maintain the cutting edge for a long time. of sharpness. And it can maintain good hardness, toughness and cutting performance under high temperature conditions, and is not easy to deteriorate and soften.
  • Excellent cutting performance: M2 steel can work in high-speed cutting environment, the cutting speed is fast, which improves the processing efficiency.
  • High toughness: Compared with M35, M42 and other steels, M2 pays more attention to the overall strength and toughness. It can maintain high toughness while having high hardness, can adapt to high-intensity cutting loads, and can withstand impact. It remains intact during vibration and is not prone to cracking or collapse.

In addition, M2 high-speed steel also has high compressive strength, good anti-seize performance, good overall hardenability, good corrosion resistance, excellent tempering resistance and impact resistance, etc.

ASTM M2 High Speed Steel Application

GB W6Mo5Cr4V2/DIN 1.3339/ASTM M2 high speed steel is widely used in many fields due to its excellent properties, especially in the field of cutter manufacturing.

1. Cutter industry: M2 steel is usually used to manufacture cutting tools, turning tools,
Milling cutters, scrapers, gear cutters, hobbing cutters, various broaches, reamers, drill bits, twist drills, etc. are also mostly used to make various tools for cutting difficult-to-cut materials.

2. Mold manufacturing: used to manufacture various punching dies, cold forging dies, deep drawing dies, punching dies, stamping dies, etc.

3. Parts and tool manufacturing industry: It is also commonly used to manufacture various mechanical tools, bearings, camshafts, transmission gears, punches, dental taps, tower tools, etc.

M2 high speed steel is also used in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, machining and other fields.

M2 High Speed Steel Heat Treatment

Heat treatment specifications:
(1) M2 has a strong tendency to decarburize during heat treatment and is easily oxidized. The quenching temperature needs to be controlled during production. The optimal requirement is 1190-1240°C, and then it is rapidly cooled in water or oil to transform its organization into a martensitic structure.

(2) After quenching, heat the M2 steel to the tempering temperature. Usually the tempering temperature is best controlled at 500-600°C, keep it warm for 1-2 hours, and then cool to room temperature.

Depending on customer requirements and factories, the process and temperature control for manufacturing M2 steel will be different, and the performance achieved will also be different.

M2 High Speed Steel Supply

Shape types: round steel, steel plate, square steel, steel coil, bar, forged round, steel pipe, flat steel, etc.

Specifications: Various specifications are available and can be customized according to specific needs.

Surface treatment: black, rough machined, peeled and turned or as per given requirement.

Delivery status: Hot-rolled, forged, and cold-drawn steel bars are delivered in an annealed state. Hot-rolled and forged steel bars are delivered after annealing + other processing methods (peeling, light drawing, grinding or polishing, etc.).

In short, the M2 high speed steel we provide has excellent performance and quality and can meet your production needs. Moreover, AISI M2 high speed steel is an excellent material, its application fields are broad and its development prospects are promising, the future market potential is enormous, and we will continue to improve our technology, leverage its advantages, and provide the best high speed steel.


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