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What is hot work die steel? Hot work die steel is a key material with high performance and widely used in the manufacturing industry. Hot work die steel includes hammer forging dies, hot extrusion dies and die-casting dies, all of which can withstand high temperature and high pressure environments. It has appropriate hardness requirements, and hot work die steel can reach the required hardness through quenching treatment. Aging treatment of some special hot work die steels can continue to improve their properties. And its alloy elements are mainly used to increase hardenability, wear resistance and red hardness.

The following article will introduce in detail the characteristics, grades, chemical composition, properties, applications, material specifications and other information of hot work die steel.

Hot Work Die Steel Characteristics

1.Excellent heat resistance and wear resistance
2. High strength, high thermal conductivity, high temperature deformation resistance
3.Higher hardness and corrosion resistance
4. Good processing performance
5.Excellent mechanical properties
6. Good durability and long service life
7. It is widely used in manufacturing various mold products and plays an important role

Hot Work Die Steel Grades

No.Equivalent Grade

44Cr3Mo3SiVH10 1.2365SKD7
5 5CrNiMoL61.2713 / 1.2714SKT4
6 5CrNiMoV1.2714SKT4

Chemical Composition Of Hot Work Die Steel

GradeChemical Composition(%)
4Cr5MoSiV10.32-0.450.80-1.200.20-0.50≤0.025≤0.0034.75-5.50≤0.25≤0.251.10-1.750.80-1.20 -
3Cr2W8V0.30-0.40≤0.40≤0.40≤0.025≤0.0032.20-2.70---0.20-0.50W 7.50-9.00

Hot Work Die Steel Properties And Applications

AISI H13 Hot Work Die Steel
AISI H13 steel is a tool steel with excellent mechanical properties. Its preparatory heat treatment process is mainly annealing or normalizing, and usually graded quenching is performed. Proper heat treatment makes H13 steel have excellent properties, including high toughness, high temperature strength, excellent tool performance, high hardenability, good thermal fatigue resistance, etc. H13 hot work die steel is extremely common and is usually widely used in the manufacture of high-performance cutting tools and molds.

AISI H11 Hot Work Die Steel
H11 steel is equivalent to DIN 1.2343 steel. It is an air-cooled hardenable hot work die steel with a relatively high chromium content. When 1% molybdenum is added to it, the hardenability is higher, so large-sized molds can also be quenched in the air. AISI H11 steel has good comprehensive mechanical properties, oxidation resistance, high high temperature strength, toughness, thermal fatigue resistance, etc. It is often used in die-casting production in high-speed hammer forging dies, mold manufacturing, automobiles, home appliances and other industries.

AISI L6 Hot Work Die Steel
It is a kind of wear-resistant steel that can withstand high temperature and does not deform. Generally, the steel is quenched and tempered before making the mold. It can be used directly after cold processing to make the mold. This not only ensures the performance of the mold, but also avoids the mold caused by heat treatment. of deformation. L6 steel has good polishing properties, good comprehensive mechanical properties, and high hardenability. It is widely used in the manufacture of large stamping dies, cutting tools, hammer forging dies, hot forging dies, and large forging dies.

Hot Work Die Steel Supply

Spot inventory: H11, 1.2344, L6, H13, H10, H21, 1.2365, 1.2714, etc

Shape types: steel round bars, plates, steel coils, flat steel, steel pipes, etc.;

Different types of hot work die steel will have different specifications. We support customization of various specifications;

Surface treatment: black, rough machined, peeled and turned or as per given requirement.

Hot Work Die Steel On Sale

Hot work die steel plays an important role in many fields. With the continuous improvement of modern process technology, hot work die steel is also constantly improving and can be applied to more industries. So research and learn more about the development, types, applications, etc. of mold steel, so you can better know whether it is suitable for your project and choose the best quality mold steel.

As a global high-quality mold steel supplier, our Songshun Steel, provide various types of die steel, including hot work mold steel, cold work die steel and plastic die steel. Our hot work die steel has a large inventory, complete specifications, and quality assurance, ensuring that we can provide you with the best hot work die steel.


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