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Steel Tube Manufacturer In New Zealand

Every steel tube manufacturer in New Zealand is able to offer many types and specifications of steel pipe products. In the past few years, we at Songshun Steel have also learned about the steel tube manufacturer market in New Zealand with some New Zealand customers we have cooperated with for a long time. Their steel tube manufacturers have been in a stable state of development. If you want to purchase steel tubes from New Zealand, this article will introduce several local steel tube manufacturers for your reference only.

NZ Tube Mills

NZ Tube Mills is New Zealand’s leading steel tube manufacturer and a specialist manufacturer of carbon steel precision tubes and stainless steel tubes. Founded in 1938, it has 85 years of experience, providing excellent customer service, quality products, professional packaging and more.

NZ Tube Mills is ISO international quality certified and its main products include stainless steel pipes, carbon steel pipes, galvanized steel and aluminized steel, etc.

They are committed to providing the best solutions to customer needs, meeting customer needs and requirements, providing professional technical support, and constantly innovating and improving.

United Steel

United Steel is a well-known steel tube manufacturer in New Zealand and the Pacific and part of the privately held United Industries Group of Companies. Founded in 1901, it has manufacturing plants, branches, and has earned the respect and trust of customers for its innovation, quality, and service.

They manufacture and supply a wide range of steel products, in addition to offering a wide range of steel pipes, they also offer structural profiles and beams, steel bars, channels, plates, hollow profiles, etc.

United Steel is committed to establishing and retaining a strong manufacturing base in New Zealand to ensure product quality and sustainable development.

Industrial Tube

Industrial Tube is a premium steel tube manufacturer that has been producing New Zealand made tube since 1985. They continue to improve production efficiency to meet domestic and foreign steel tube needs.

They produce precision tubing of the highest quality and keep it in stock. The main products produced include stainless steel tubes, carbon tubes, sanitary tubes, galvanized tubes and construction tubes, etc.

Industrial Tube is committed to sustainable development, their products are 100% recyclable, green production, and environmentally friendly.

Spiraweld Stainless Limited

Spiraweld is a reliable steel tube manufacturer and a professional factory. It has been around for over 30 years, providing quality products and a variety of processing services.

Spiraweld mainly produces stainless steel pipes, with low production minimum order quantity, high efficiency and relatively short delivery time.

They are committed to meeting the needs of all walks of life, constantly developing and improving, providing professional solutions, and working closely with customers.


PipesNZ is a company in the export and local supply services of various goods and is a steel tube manufacturer offering a wide range of steel pipes and accessories. It has over 20 years of experience distributing a wide range of world-class steel pipes and fittings to the energy, engineering and construction industries, with services including value-added manufacturing, custom fabrication and specialist pipe coatings.

The main products they provide include ERW steel tubes, seamless steel tubes, spiral welded tubes, pipe fittings, thermal induction bends, etc.

PipesNZ is committed to providing a wide range of high-quality steel tube products, tracking all material specifications, prices, quality and delivery expectations.

The above are several New Zealand steel tube manufacturers. There are also some local seamless steel tube manufacturers, stainless steel tube manufacturers, special steel tube manufacturers, etc. We at Songshun Steel can also provide a variety of high-quality steel tubes, provide strict quality inspection reports, professional technical support and solutions to ensure product safety and high quality.

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