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Steel Suppliers And Manufacturers In Sri Lanka

As a comprehensive special steel factory, warehouse and exporter, SongShun Mould Steel has been focusing on the steel industry for many years.

Our Songshun Steel Sri Lanka dealer steel supplier, dedicated to meet customer needs, sustainable development, affordable prices and quality service.

SongShun Steel Suppliers Manufacturers is looking forward to cooperating with you!

We supply a wide variety of high quality steel products, if you are looking for a steel supplier or manufacturer in Sri Lanka to support your project, you can consider these steel manufacturers and suppliers.

Taian Lanka Steel Company

Taian Lanka Steel Company is one of the leading and earliest steel pipe manufacturers in Sri Lanka and has a joint venture with a Chinese steel pipe manufacturing company,

Also the first galvanized steel pipe manufacturer in Sri Lanka, the company is managed by Chairman and Managing Director Mr. Veeriah Thiyagarajah and Mr. Kesavan Pathmanathan.

They are committed to providing customers with a variety of high-quality steel pipes, such as round, square, cold-rolled and hot-rolled steel pipes and other related products, they have leading international raw material suppliers and excellent technical consultants, they have been focusing on environmental protection, durability, Recycled green steel products.

TNR Steel Enterprises

TNR Steel Enterprise was established in 2006, the founder is Mr. Nushan Fernando, TNR Steel is not only a supplier (distributor) of steel but also a supplier of logistics, with hundreds of tons of high-quality steel, mild steel, iron, galvanized iron and other construction Materials, both steel and iron products are available.

They have nearly 100 employees, not only do well in the steel industry, but also in the logistics industry. They are one of the leading construction material supply companies in Sri Lanka.

TNR Steel’s products supply rebar, plates, bars, mild steel products, galvanized iron pipes, barbed wire and other similar products. Distributed throughout Sri Lanka with a highly reliable and efficient mechanism.

IWW Steel Industries (PVT) Ltd

IWW Steel Industries (PVT) Ltd is one of the leading steel producing manufacturers in Sri Lanka and one of the most respected names among the many B2B steel suppliers in Sri Lanka, they are known for supplying QST bars under the RS brand name, which is very popular locally Welcome steel suppliers.

The company supplies the highest quality and advanced QST rebar, as well as mild steel round bar, mild steel square steel, mild steel angle steel, GI pipe, mild steel coil and steel rod, etc.

They use high-tech semi-automatic manufacturing processes and the latest thermomechanical processing (QST) technology to better develop and manufacture high-performance and high-quality steel products.

Ceylon Steel Corporation Limited

Ceylon Steel Corporation Limited is the largest steel supplier in Sri Lanka. It was established in 1960 and has been focusing on steel supply for many years. It is also a state-owned enterprise and a trendsetter in the steel industry.

They provide steel products such as the manufacture of rebar for strengthening concrete, a range of structural and non-structural steel products, and more.

With a state-of-the-art infrastructure infused with state-of-the-art technology and factory expansion, with a reputation that has been trusted for generations, the company has set a benchmark in the construction industry and is a trusted company among the many steel suppliers in Sri Lanka.

The above are some steel suppliers in Sri Lanka. We SongShun Steel is a steel supplier in China, providing all kinds of steel, with rich professional knowledge and professional ability to serve every customer well,SongShun steel suppliers create for you Satisfactory service and high-quality products are just to win your trust.

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