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Steel Manufacturers In Spain

In recent years, Spain’s steel industry has been constantly seeking development, innovation and transformation. Many steel manufacturers in Spain have continued to adapt to changes, meet domestic demand, and also have certain competitiveness in the international market.

According to statistics from the World Steel Association in recent years, Spain is the 16th largest steel producer in the world. They own several steel manufacturers and are one of the important players in the European and global steel markets. The main consumer market of Spain’s steel industry is the automobile industry, and a large amount of steel is needed for manufacturing automobiles. They are also active supporters of the “Belt and Road” initiative and follow the path of sustainable development, which is conducive to the gradual growth of the production capacity of Spanish steel manufacturers. If you need to buy Spanish steel, here are some steel manufacturers in Spain for your reference only.


Founded in 1970, Acerinox Group is a stainless steel manufacturer with more than 50 years of experience and one of the world’s leading steel manufacturers. They have multiple factories, warehouses, service centers and sales networks around the world. And they are now the market leader in stainless steel in the United States and the African continent, and the largest manufacturer of specialty alloys in the world.

Acerinox has strong production capacity, with a smelting workshop capacity of 3.5 million tons and modern production equipment. They mainly produce stainless steel products, including stainless steel flat products, plates, long products, round bars, wire rods, etc.

They have been committed to developing future materials, green production and people-oriented, and adhere to the sustainable path to provide customers with high-quality, multi-functional products, so that their business can be spread all over the world.


Founded in 1967, CELSA Group is an international steel manufacturer and one of the world’s leading steel manufacturers. It is also the first producer of recycled steel and low carbon dioxide steel in Europe. They have multiple factories, multiple branches, advanced equipment, innovative technology and so on.

They use the most sustainable, environmentally friendly and energy-saving technologies and mainly produce and supply various types of steel billets, profiles, steel bars, steel wires, rebars, metal wires, steel plates, and low-emission round steel products.

CELSA Group firmly believes in the path of sustainable development, pays attention to environmental protection, is committed to environmental protection, recycling, and continuous innovation and development. It also works to provide solutions to the planet’s major systemic risks.


Founded in 1990, Sidenor is one of Spain’s leading special steel manufacturers and a leader in the European steel industry for the production of special steel long products. They have a professional business delegation and equipment facilities, with a production center and a R&D center.

Sidenor mainly produces special steels and engineering steels, including carbon steel, stainless steel, continuous cast billets, wire rods, free-cutting steels, flat steels, bars, alloy steels, spring steels, etc.

They are committed to meeting the needs of their customers, providing technical support and providing solutions to all industrial sectors that require high quality steel services. They continuously improve, innovate and enhance technology, develop new products and increase competitiveness.

Siderúrgica Balboa

With 28 years of outstanding experience in the steel industry, Siderúrgica Balboa is one of Europe’s leading steel companies and one of the steel manufacturers with the most modern and efficient facilities in Spain. They have large factories, scrap yards and advanced equipment and facilities, as well as a fully qualified and experienced team and an extensive distribution network.

Their annual production capacity reaches 1.2 million tons, and their main products include structural profiles, wire rods, pre-coated coils, strips, steel bars, etc.

Siderúrgica Balboa is committed to sustainable development and the protection of natural resources, understanding and meeting customer needs, and its business spans various industries and continues to expand. They have unlimited recyclable materials, and 100% of their raw materials come from recycled waste to produce steel, achieving environmental protection and green production.

The above are some of the well-known steel manufacturers in Spain. Some Spanish steel manufacturers and suppliers, in addition to producing enough steel to meet the needs of the domestic market, also import steel from China.

Songshun Steel is one of the leading steel manufacturers in China. According to our statistics in the first half of 2023, our alloy steel is the most imported by many Spanish customers. The steel we provide not only has high quality and high performance to meet your project needs, but also has professional technical support and solutions to provide you with the best and most affordable steel. State-of-the-art production facilities.

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