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Steel Manufacturers And Suppliers In South Africa

Songshun Mould Steel as a comprehensive special steel mill, warehouse and exporter for exporting steel worldwide, has cooperated happily with many South African customers and learned from it that the demand for steel in South Africa continues to grow, but due to the high price of electricity and raw materials, The South African steel industry is under pressure from high costs and continues to be hit by a weak local economy. So many South African customers choose to cooperate with us.

Our Songshun steel manufacturers, supplying all kinds of steel, wholeheartedly meets customer needs, sustainable development concept, pursues quality, and sincerely serves every good customer.

Songshun Steel Supplier Manufacturer is looking forward to working with you!

China and South Africa not only maintain a good relationship at the political level, but also maintain a cooperative relationship in various industries including the steel industry.

South Africa has had little new steel capacity in previous years, and mills have struggled, in part for political reasons. But now some South African steel manufacturers and suppliers are growing and developing. If you need to buy South African steel, you can check the following South African steel manufacturers and suppliers.


ArcelorMittal is South Africa’s largest steel supplier. It is a modern and highly competitive organization that supplies steel to the domestic and global markets. Their group steel is manufactured in 16 countries, with customers all over the world, employing tens of thousands of employees and producing steel annually. The output reaches more than one million tons.

Since its inception in 1928, the Group has been committed to meticulously nurtured employees and focused on the steel industry, known in South Africa for its reliability and clear business focus.

In June 2006, Mittal Steel and Arcelor merged into a merger of equals – creating the world’s largest steel company. Arcelor was formed in February 2001 by the merger of Arbed (Luxembourg), Aceralia (Spain) and Usinor (France).


Established in Gauteng in 1995, BSI STEEL (PTY) LTD. is a relatively long-established steel company with its own warehouse facilities, branch offices in Lusaka, Zambia, and Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo. Franchise stores, they are constantly expanding the size of the company, building warehouses and office buildings.

They supply a wide variety of sheet, profile and tube products around the world, expanding their product range to include light-duty profiles purchased from major steelmakers.

They are committed to providing better service and flexibility to their customers, a people-oriented, customer-focused business that consistently delivers high-quality steel at competitive prices.


Staalbeer is a one-stop steel supplier for all types of steel and related products, a commercial and manufacturing group that not only has success in the steel industry, but also serves customers in the construction, manufacturing and agricultural industries. And has several own companies, with a full range of steel and related products, and produce high-quality products. Also has its own fleet that can deliver our products in a timely manner.

They proudly supply all types of steel to South Africa. Committed to professional service, friendly sales, strong and durable steel, continuous innovation and improvement.


MacSteel is South Africa’s leading steel manufacturer , dealer and distributor, comprising a strategic network of more than 40 service centres, branches, franchise partnerships, warehouses and staff dedicated to excellence.

They supply a wide variety of steel products, have a broad product portfolio, strong infrastructure and technical capabilities, are constantly innovating, and have earned a reputation as the continent’s preeminent steel supplier.

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