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Steel Manufacturers and Suppliers in Germany

Germany is a world-class industrial power, their steel industry is actively developing and has the largest steel production among EU countries. German steel manufacturers and steel suppliers specialize in the production and supply of high-quality special steel products. Our Songshun Steel can meet the steel quality requirements of German customers, so we also have long-term and win-win friendly relationships with many German customers. We will also continue to improve technology and product quality to provide the best steel.

German steel manufacturers and suppliers are in a leading position in technological innovation and high-quality products. They have good development trends and continue to innovate and improve. If you need to buy steel in Germany, this article will introduce several German steel manufacturers and steel suppliers for your reference only.


Founded in 1999, Thyssenkrupp is a world-renowned steel producer and one of Germany’s leading steel manufacturers. They have approximately 100,000 employees, multiple subsidiaries and factories, advanced technology, and more, and their R&D team and sales network span the world. Thyssenkrupp is committed to creating long-term value through innovative products, technologies and services, following the path of sustainable development, protecting the global climate environment, and optimizing its own energy and climate efficiency.

As one of the largest steel manufacturers in Germany, Thyssenkrupp has a wide range of business areas. The main steel materials it provides include stainless steel, electrical steel, packaging steel, precision steel strips, etc.

The Dillinger Group

Founded in 1685, The Dillinger Group is one of Germany’s important steel manufacturers and a world leader in the manufacturing of high-grade thick plate steel. Dillinger Group has a history of more than 300 years. It is composed of many top companies and has its own production base, warehouse and modern equipment. They are committed to providing the highest quality and best service, fully focusing on customer needs and working closely with partners.

They continuously push technology forward and produce to the highest standards to ensure production quality. They mainly provide various thick plate products, including wear-resistant steel, non-alloy structural steel, weathering steel, high-strength quenched and tempered fine-grained steel, etc.

Salzgitter AG

Founded in 1858, Salzgitter AG is one of Germany’s most experienced steel manufacturers and suppliers and one of the largest steel producers in Europe. The group has several subsidiaries, divisions, leading heavy plate rolling mills and more. They focus on steel and technology, are customer-centric, keep their promises, continue to innovate, and adhere to the path of sustainable development.

As one of the steel manufacturers with a century-old history, Salzgitter AG not only provides a variety of steel materials, but also involves steel processing, trade and technology. Their main products include thick steel plates, hot-rolled strips, slabs, medium-thick plates, thin steel plates, shipbuilding steel, pressure vessel steel, etc.

Stahlwerk Unna

Founded in 1913, Stahlwerk Unna is one of the world’s leading steel manufacturers and one of Germany’s top quality steel manufacturers and suppliers. They have modern production facilities, large workshops, advanced technology and more. They are committed to proactively meeting customer needs and being able to respond to customer requests faster and more accurately.

They mainly produce high quality stainless steel, hardened strip steel, steel wire, bright steel, tool steel and more.


Founded in 1908, ESC Burg is a global professional steel service center and one of the most reliable steel suppliers in Germany. They have large warehouses, advanced processing machinery, professional teams and more. They are committed to maintaining high quality standards, fast delivery, flexible development, continuous innovation, protecting the environment and more.

ESC Burg Steel Suppliers not only offer a well-stocked and extensive range of steel products, but also offer a wide range of services. They mainly include stainless steel, heat-resistant steel and a large number of special steels.

The above are some of the well-known steel manufacturers and suppliers in Germany. There are many world-leading steel manufacturers in Germany, they not only innovate while maintaining stable production. Similarly, in order to be able to meet the needs of our customers, we at Songshun Steel are committed to technological innovation, sustainable development and high-quality products to meet the needs of different industries and remain competitive in the global market competition.

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