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Steel Manufacturers And Suppliers In Canada

Canadian Songshun dealers can provide you with the best service and price to meet your needs.

As a comprehensive special steel supplier, steel manufacturer and warehouse in China,Songshun Mould Steel Factory has been focusing on the steel industry for more than 10 years. The materials are very strict in quality control and undergo strict inspections before storage and delivery.

Songshun Mould Steel looks forward to working with you!

Canada is the eighth largest iron ore producer in the world, and many steel manufacturers and suppliers in Canada can produce hundreds of thousands of tons of steel each year. Their steel manufacturers are committed to developing the concept of green steel production, and for For imported steel, Canada has announced to strengthen the country of origin marking system for imported steel and aluminum products.If you need to buy Canadian steel, you can check out some of the following Canadian steel manufacturers, mills, steel suppliers, and more.

Algoma Steel

Algoma Steel is a comprehensive, fully integrated steel manufacturer with a long history of steel and a strong presence in the North American steel industry.It was founded in 1901 and has many of its own steel mills with advanced technology and equipment.The main products are hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel products, including sheet and plate, and high-quality heat-treated products are also available.

They want to build a new era of steel and are committed to producing green steel, transitioning to a greener direction and acting with integrity, respecting each other and the environment, and more.

Algoma Steel is very good in terms of professionalism, equipment and products, and is a very reliable steel manufacturer.

Venture Steel

Venture Steel, established in 1997, is a leading flat metal fabricator and distributor for all your steel and aluminum needs plus value added, their main products are carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum, etc., and they specialize in Canada, the United States and Mexico offer the best service in the industry and also have their own steel mills.

Venture Steel is committed to ensuring products meet the highest quality standards, providing customers and suppliers with the best service and value in the industry, creating a safe and healthy workplace, protecting the environment and conserving energy and natural resources.


Stelco is a Canadian integrated and independent steel manufacturer, established in 1910, is a leading supplier of quality steel products to the US market, has established a good reputation in Canada, and they are the latest and most technologically advanced steel manufacturers one.

Stelco is committed to delivering superior product value and providing world-class customer service through continuous innovation, product quality assurance, and leading-edge technology in facilities.

They are further solidifying their Canadian roots, with results already reaching $906 million in the first quarter of 2022.

Laurel Steel

Laurel Steel is North America’s premier supplier of cold drawn steel, a pioneer in the Canadian steel industry, established in 1967 and a supplier with many years of steel history.

They offer Cold Finished Bar, Welded Wire Mesh and Wire Products to name a few, and the quality of their steel products starts with the best steel in the world.

They are committed to putting safety first, thanking every customer, and continuously improving the manufacturing capacity of their existing facilities, as well as their own storage system, the largest ever designed by Kasto.

These Canadian steel manufacturers and steel suppliers have been focusing on the steel industry for more than a few decades.Our Songshun Mould Steel Company has also been developing in China for more than ten years, and is now a comprehensive special steel manufacturer special steel manufacturer, a powerful steel mill and a steel supplier in China.You are satisfied with our service package, allowing you to have a satisfied and happy purchase from China.

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