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Steel Manufacturers And Steel Suppliers In Vietnam

In recent years, Vietnam’s steel production capacity has increased significantly. According to statistics, Vietnam’s crude steel production capacity has increased significantly by approximately 18 million tons in the past decade, achieving stable development and becoming the second largest steel producer in Southeast Asia. Our Songshun Steel, have long-term win-win cooperative relationships with many Vietnamese manufacturers and suppliers, providing a large number of steel products for Vietnam’s domestic automobile, machinery, mold, manufacturing and other industries.

Vietnam’s steel production was originally dominated by electric furnace plants, but the development of their automobile industry in recent years has promoted the development of local steel manufacturers and suppliers in Vietnam. Some steel manufacturers have blast furnace plants, announcing the arrival of the blast furnace era. If you need to buy steel in Vietnam, this article will introduce several Vietnamese steel manufacturers and steel suppliers for your reference only.

Hoa Phat Group

Founded in 1992, Hoa Phat has more than 30 years of experience. It is the largest steel manufacturing company in Southeast Asia and one of the leading steel manufacturers in Vietnam. They have a wide range of businesses and have multiple branches, large production bases, production lines, etc. They are committed to harmonious development, leading quality, providing high-quality products and winning the trust of customers.

Hoa Phat has advanced production technology and various quality certifications. The main steel products it provides include steel billets, steel bars, rolled steel, special steel, steel coils, steel bars, etc.

Hoa Sen Group

Founded in 2001, Hoa Sen is one of Vietnam’s well-known steel manufacturers and suppliers and a leading steel plate exporter in Southeast Asia. They rank first in Vietnam’s steel plate manufacturing and trading field, with multiple branches, warehouses, production lines, production equipment and leading technology, etc. Hoa Sen is committed to sustainable development and provides products and services of international quality, reasonable prices, diversification, and environmentally friendly design to meet the needs of society and customers.

As one of the high-quality steel manufacturers, Hoa Sen has fast production efficiency and has multiple distribution stores and factories across the country. They mainly produce various galvanized steel, steel plates, steel pipes, construction steel and so on.

Ton Dong A

Established in 1998, Ton Dong A is one of the main steel manufacturers in Vietnam producing galvanized steel and one of the most experienced steel suppliers. They have advanced continuous hot-dip galvanizing technology, multiple production lines, multiple subsidiaries, and more. They are committed to quality, credibility and sustainable development, constantly improving product quality and increasing product diversity and richness.

They have modern production lines and machinery technology to provide high-quality steel products, mainly galvanized steel sheets, cold-rolled steel sheets, zinc-aluminum alloy coated steel sheets, etc.

Vietnam Steel Corporation

Founded in 1995, VNSTEEL is one of Vietnam’s outstanding steel manufacturers and trading companies and plays a leading role in the development of Vietnam’s steel industry. They have extensive network systems, tens of thousands of employees, nearly 40 subsidiaries, and more. They are committed to excellent product quality, adhere to the path of sustainable development, and actively contribute to the country’s industrialization and modernization process.

As one of the leading steel manufacturers, VNSTEEL provides a wide range of high-quality, reputable and sustainable steel products, including cold rolled steel, galvanized steel, steel billets, steel pipes and more.

Tôn Nam Kim

Founded in 2002, Tôn Nam Kim is one of Vietnam’s leading coated steel manufacturers and a steel supplier with certificates to the most stringent compliance standards in the world. They have advanced technology, modern equipment, professional team, export market to more than 50 countries and so on.

They are committed to providing customers with the highest quality products. The main steel products they provide include zinc-aluminum alloy galvanized steel, coated steel coils, steel pipes, etc.

Vina Kyoei Steel

Founded in 1994, Vina Kyoei Steel is one of the well-known steel manufacturers and suppliers in Southeast Asia. It is also one of the steel manufacturers with the largest factory in Vietnam. They have brand-new production equipment, focus on training, environmental protection, continuous improvement and innovation, and improve customer satisfaction and efficiency.

As one of the professional steel manufacturers in Vietnam, Vina Kyoei Steel continuously produces high-quality products that meet all requirements of quality standards. We mainly provide rebar, rolled steel, angle steel, round steel, etc.

The above are some of the steel manufacturers and suppliers in Vietnam, they continue to develop with the rapid growth of Vietnam’s economy and construction. As one of the high-quality steel suppliers and steel manufacturers in China, Songshun’s ability to establish long-term win-win cooperation with many Vietnamese customers is inseparable from our continuous improvement, providing better steel for more partners from all over the world.

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