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Recently, a Ukrainian customer we worked with reported that parts of Ukraine are slowly recovering the steel industry.But we still need to wait for the ports in some regions to open before our products can be shipped.

We Songshun Steel can provide you with the best steel prices and services to meet your needs. We are not only steel manufacturer, steel supplier, but also our own warehouse, and we have been in the Chinese steel field for decades, with advanced technology, professional knowledge, the latest equipment and services that will satisfy you.

Songshun Steel Factory looks forward to working with you!

Ukraine is an important steel industry country and a major steel producer. In 2016, the total output of crude steel reached more than 20 million tons, ranking tenth in the world.Ukraine is also the third largest iron ore resource country in the world and has abundant raw and fuel resources.

But because of the war, some ports have been closed, local steel mills, steel manufacturers, steel suppliers and producers, etc. have been closed.However, steel production continues in some regions, and some steel manufacturers and suppliers are also preparing plans to restart.If you need to buy Ukrainian steel, you can refer to the following Ukrainian steel manufacturers, steel suppliers and steel mills, etc.


Metinvest Group was founded in 2006, it is a Ukrainian vertically integrated international steel and mining company, its products have been selected by several companies in the world’s leading industries, it has also acquired one of the largest mining companies in Ukraine, and it is the first to start A company that exports Cape-type iron ore. The goal is to be the leading vertically integrated steel producer in Europe.

They can supply a wide range of steel products around the world, including plates, coils and long products, as well as raw material products. And they manage the entire production chain from iron ore and coal mining to manufacturing semi-finished and finished steel.

They are committed to professional business development, state-of-the-art technology, professional service, sustainable development concepts, and focus on customer needs, among others. And it also focuses on protecting the environment, green and efficient production of steel and rational use of natural resources, etc.


TAKT company was founded in 1995. It has been in the steel industry for more than 20 years and has established itself as a leader. It is the largest metal service center in Ukraine and a manufacturer of rolled metal products and finished products. It also has a laboratory Complex. They have their own production facilities, steel mills and warehouses and more.

TAKT company’s main products include round bars, flat bars, hexagonal bars and spring wires, etc. It has professional processing services such as heat treatment, cutting and polishing, and uses corrosion inhibitor paper to package products. It also has its own transportation fleet. Product delivered on time.

They are committed to maximum customer satisfaction, sustainable development and high quality products. They strictly control the chemical testing of steel products, hardness testing and steel surface roughness, etc., and have ISO quality certificates.


Zaporizhstal was founded in 1933 and it is also a company with many years of steel history.It is the fourth largest Ukrainian steel manufacturer, 54th in the world, and a company with a complete metallurgical cycle.It has its own steel mill with more than 777 football fields, modern production facilities, cold rolling workshop, 4 blast furnaces, crimping workshop, warehouse and much more.

Their main products are hot-rolled products, cold-rolled products, metal products and commercial-grade plates and other steel products. Their annual output can reach millions of tons, and the metal output ranks third in Ukraine.

Zaporizhstal Company has professional equipment and facilities, rich experience, strict quality control and skilled process and so on. They are committed to abide by ethics, protect the environment and ecological development, and continuously improve and so on.


Dneprospetsstal was established in 1932,It is a leading steel manufacturer of special stainless steels, a steel manufacturer of high-quality steels and alloys, a company with material-intensive production processes and a leader in the Ukrainian steel industry.

Their main products are stainless steel, tool steel, high-speed steel and alloy steel, etc. They have a professional workshop for ingot melting, master the use of PM method to manufacture tools and high-speed steel, advanced equipment and continuous development of industrial facilities and new technologies.

The above are several steel manufacturers, steel suppliers and producers in Ukraine, etc., for your reference only.

As a comprehensive steel manufacturer, Songshun Mould Steel Company supplies various steel products and processing services, and is committed to efficient and green steel production, professional service and customer satisfaction.

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