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Steel Manufacturers And Steel Suppliers In The Philippines


There are many Chinese steel manufacturers and steel suppliers investing and cooperating in the Philippine steel industry, and our Songshun Steel is one of them. With our high-quality products and professional services, we have won the trust and trust of some Philippine customers. long-term cooperative relationship.

Songshun mould steel manufacturer has domestic advanced production lines and a strong technical team. All kinds of products produced are made of high-quality materials and excellent production technology, with reliable quality, focusing on environmental protection, sustainable development, meeting customer needs, and providing competitive price of power.

Dongguan Songshun Mould Steel Co., Ltd. is looking forward to cooperating with you!


With the gradual easing of the new crown epidemic, the Philippines has begun to promote the implementation of infrastructure projects. The demand for steel has continued to grow, and the expansion plan of local steel manufacturers and steel suppliers has been promoted. The steel industry has many investment advantages, great prospects and full of opportunities. . If you want to buy steel in the Philippines, you can refer to the following steel manufacturers and steel suppliers in the Philippines.


Founded in 1965, SteelAsia has more than 50 years of experience in steel services. It is one of the largest steel manufacturers in the Philippines, the preferred supplier of the largest contractors and real estate developers in the Philippines, and a major contributor to the development of the Philippine steel industry. First, it plays a key role in the development of the Philippines.In 1994 SteelAsia was the first state-of-the-art rebar rolling mill in the Philippines.They have their own large rolling mill, modern and advanced technology, the largest rebar processing plant in the Philippines, and the largest and most modern billet production facility in the Philippines.

They produce world-class steel products that ensure high quality, with the main steel products being rebar and rebar, supplying the country with 2 million tons of rebar each year, as well as value-added rebar solutions for cutting and bending.

SteelAsia aims to be one of the largest and most modern rebar manufacturers in the world today, pursuing high quality, continuously improving production standards and adhering to the concept of sustainable development, etc.

Astron Metal Works Corporation

Astron Metal Works Corporation started operations in 1976, has 46 years of rich experience, and has won the trust and support of many loyal customers by supplying high-quality products and professional services over the years.Astron Metal Works Corporation is one of the leading steel manufacturers in the Philippines, they have their own steel processing workshops, manufacturing plants, advanced and complete machinery and equipment, the best CNC cutting services and the number one sheet metal fabrication in the Philippines.

Astron Metal Works Corporation can design according to customer needs and strictly control the quality of each product. The main steel products provided are stainless steel, steel plate and structural steel, etc., and also provide shearing, bending, rolling, flanging, stamping And CNC cutting and other processing services.

They are committed to meeting the ever-changing needs of their customers, providing customer satisfaction, providing excellent service, steadfastly adhering to their standards of high quality, reasonable prices, prompt delivery, and focus on protecting the environment, etc.


Established in 2009, Steelmax is one of the largest steel suppliers in southern Luzon, Philippines. It is growing rapidly, and is proud to have won the trust of millions of value projects across the country, not only supplying high-quality steel products, as well as processing services such as laser cutting and CNC pipe cutting.

They provide high quality materials and steel products, the main steel products provided are structural steel, angle steel, galvanized iron pipe, rebar, flat steel and I-beam and so on.

Steelmax aims to meet the requirements and expectations of each customer, continuously increase customer satisfaction, deliver on time, treat people with integrity, continue to grow and focus on team growth and cooperation, and more.

Metal Exponents

With over 40 years of history in the steel industry, Metal Exponents is one of the largest steel suppliers and importers in the Philippines with a professional team, extensive experience, on-time delivery, competitive prices and quality products.

Metal Exponents strictly controls the quality of its products and has always provided only the highest quality steel products. The main products provided are angle steel, steel coil, hot-rolled steel plate, pipe and steel pile, etc.

They are customer-centric, focus on durable products, provide excellent service, focus on teamwork and professionalism, provide the highest quality products and sustainable development, and more.

Steel Innovation Philippines

Steel Innovation Philippines was established in 2018. Although it has only been established for a few years, the owner and team of Steel Innovation Philippines have many years of rich experience in the steel industry and is one of the most trusted high-quality steel products and building materials companies in the Philippines.

They provide reasonable prices and high-quality materials, mainly providing steel products such as angle steel, steel bars, steel pipes, steel beams and sheet piles, etc.

Steel Innovation Philippines is committed to providing customers with the best prices, improving customer satisfaction, sincere and high-quality services, excellence, continuous innovation, and making positive contributions to the construction of the Philippines.

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