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In recent years, Singapore has a large demand for steel, but due to the geographical environment and resources, most of the steel is imported. Our Songshun steel manufacturer has also cooperated with Singapore customers and won their trust and praise.

As a comprehensive special steel production enterprise, inventory enterprise and export enterprise, Songshun Steel mainly supplies carbon, alloy and tool steel products. After more than ten years of development and growth, the company’s market has spread all over the world.With an experienced export team and professional technical knowledge, we provide customers with technical advice and support, meet customer needs, and jointly establish a long-term friendly cooperative relationship.

Dongguan Songshun Mould Steel Co., Ltd. is looking forward to cooperating with you!


Although Singapore is not conducive to the development of the steel industry due to problems such as lack of mineral resources and geographical environment, most of which rely on imported steel, but some local steel manufacturers, steel suppliers and steel mills are still developing continuously. make a positive contribution locally. If you need to buy steel in Singapore, you can refer to the following steel manufacturers, steel suppliers and steel distributors in Singapore.

Chuan Eu International Pte Ltd

Chuan Eu International Pte Ltd is a steel manufacturer and steel supplier in Singapore, providing not only steel products, but also design services, with its own steel mill, a 200-hectare facility factory capable of designing, cutting, punching, sandblasting, Welding, painting and galvanizing, etc., and in 2015 entered into a joint venture with BUMI BEAM CENTER, a steel structure manufacturing company and one of bridge construction companies.

Chuan Eu International Pte Ltd provides high quality products and craftsmanship with competitive prices, the main products provided are structural steel, round bar, stainless steel, T-section steel and steel plate and so on.

They promote sustainable development, provide a high level of comprehensive service, deliver on time, protect the environment, ensure safety, sophisticated advanced technology and professional service.

GT Steel

Founded in 2003, GT Steel is an independent structural steel manufacturer located in Singapore. It has participated in high-rise commercial building projects, office building projects and residential building projects, etc. It has its own steel plant and professional facilities and equipment.

They specialize in innovative design, supply, manufacture and installation of various standard and custom structural steel works, strictly control quality, produce steel that meets international standards, and have ISO certification.

GT Steel provides high-quality products and services, meets customer needs, pays attention to environmental issues, continues to innovate, and adheres to the concept of sustainable development.


Established in 2012, Brooklynz is a professional Tier 1 company and a leading stainless steel manufacturer in Singapore. It has been established for 10 years and has grown rapidly, occupying a leading position in the industry, and has won various awards and product certifications.

Brooklynz strictly adheres to international quality standards to ensure the quality of its products, mainly providing stainless steel and stainless steel products, and provides design, customization and installation services.

Not only do they have expertise and experience in design, but they also have extensive experience in the manufacture and installation of stainless steel products, innovative designs, advanced technology and durable high-quality products.

Safa Steel

Safa Steel is a Singapore-based company that supplies structural steel materials. Their strength lies in the value-added products and services they provide, not only steel products, but also other value-added services including coating, galvanizing, cutting, and welding.

They mainly supply from Singapore to various countries, the main steel products are structural steel material, flat steel, round bar and hot rolled plate and so on.

Safa Steel is committed to improving customer satisfaction, providing services that satisfy customers, meeting customer needs, striving to establish long-term cooperative relations with customers, supplying high-quality products, providing high-quality value-added services and so on.

Feccuni Singapore Pte Ltd

Feccuni Singapore Pte Ltd is an international trading company in Singapore and one of the leading steel distributors in Singapore and one of Asia’s leading suppliers of ferrous and non-ferrous products.

Feccuni Singapore Pte Ltd provides high quality products and competitive prices, their main steel products are coils, steel round bars, plates, tubes, alloys and square bars, etc.

They are committed to establishing long-term cooperative relationships with customers, sustainable development, ensuring product quality, and have an experienced and skilled management team and workforce.

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