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Steel Manufacturers And Steel Suppliers In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia SONGSHUN distributor can provide you with the best service and price to meet your needs.

As a comprehensive special steel supplier, steel manufacturer and warehouse in China, SONGSHUN Mould Steel has been in the steel field for more than ten years and has cooperated with customers in Saudi Arabia for many years. Our strict quality control, professional service and supply of high quality Our steel products, etc. have won the trust of customers around the world, which is also the driving force and goal of our steel industry.

SONGSHUN Mould Steel looks forward to working with you!

I learned from the cooperative customers in Saudi Arabia that the demand for steel in Saudi Arabia is constantly increasing. With the weakening of the epidemic, the local building materials industry has started to rebound after a period of silence before, and they have strong market growth potential. , If you need to buy steel in Saudi Arabia, you can check some of the following Saudi Arabia steel manufacturers,steel mills and steel suppliers, etc.


Saudi National Steel Factory, which started production in 2017, is a first-class construction steel producer with its own manufacturing plant and professional plant facilities.The annual production capacity can reach hundreds of thousands of tons, mainly producing steel products such as billets, steel bars, channel steel, angle steel and round steel.

They strictly control the quality of steel and use the latest technology to produce high-quality steel products.They are ISO 9001:2015 certified and also have product conformity certification from the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization.

They are committed to providing excellent service and continuing to be a quality steel manufacturer that meets the expectations of customers, employees, shareholders and more.

Al-Ittefaq Steel

Al-Ittefaq Steel has been focusing on the steel industry since 1989.It is the largest private steel manufacturer in Saudi Arabia, with an annual production capacity of more than 100,000 tons. They have professional technology, high-quality service, continuous innovation and strict control of the highest quality standards.

Their main products are billets, rebars, wires, bars and galvanized steel wires. All of their ISPC products meet the highest quality standards.

They are committed to the concept of sustainable development, continuous innovation and attention to each customer’s needs. And to maintain consistent product and service quality, ALITTEFAQ STEEL CO. has world-class equipment testing facilities.

Shaaban Steel

Shaaban Steel Co. was established in 1960, is a steel supplier with more than sixty years of history, they have the highest quality special steel and metals, each steel product meets the highest international quality and standards, ensuring that every The steel is of high quality.

They are committed to be the first choice for the supply of special steel and industrial steel products and services in the Gulf countries, to meet the needs of customers and to provide the highest quality special steel and various industrial metals, etc., to become the preferred and most efficient steel supplier.

Absal Steel

Founded in 1980, Absal Steel has its own branch, not only developing the steel industry, but also establishing itself as one of the real estate and contracting service providers. The annual steel production is constantly increasing. Their combination of quality and cost-effectiveness with a passion and commitment to first-class service has earned them an enviable reputation in the industry.

With 25 years of experience, they continue to expand the company’s business, introduce new technologies, add new product lines and always strive for the best.

The steel industry in Saudi Arabia is constantly developing and many of our Chinese steel manufacturers are working with customers in Saudi Arabia.

We SONGSHUN Steel provide a variety of high-quality steel, professional services and sincerely treat each of our cooperation to achieve our win-win development, meet customer needs, and sustainable development.

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