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Songshun Steel Factory has cooperated with Russia, our neighboring country in China, for many times. As a comprehensive special steel manufacturer, steel supplier and warehouse in China, we can provide you with the best service and price to meet your needs and let you have A satisfied and happy purchase.

Songshun Mould Steel has been in the steel industry for decades, providing various steel products and various technical processing services, strictly controlling the quality of each product, developing green steel, and checking the concept of sustainable development.

Songshun Mould Steel Factory looks forward to cooperating with you!


Russia is one of the top ten major steel-producing countries in the world, with an annual steel output of tens of millions of tons.They produce profiles, steel pipes and other traditional steel products with a market share of 90%.After the Russian economy has gradually recovered, many local steel manufacturers, steel mills and steel suppliers are seizing the opportunity to develop.If you need to buy Russian steel, you can refer to some of the following Russian steel manufacturers, steel suppliers and steel mills, etc.


Mechel started the acquisition program in 2001, owns subsidiaries and owns several steel mills.Mechel is Russia’s largest producer of specialty steels and alloys, one of Russia’s largest integrated steel manufacturers, and the first and currently the only coal mining and metals company in Russia to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

It mainly produces and sells all kinds of high-quality steel, including carbon steel, stainless steel, flat steel and profile steel, as well as various coal, iron ore and other products, and also has its own power and heating facilities and its own goods. transport company.

Mechel is in a leading position in the steel industry both in Russia and globally, and is a very reliable steel manufacturer, producer and supplier.


NLMK built a factory in 1931 and became a joint-stock company in 1992. It is one of the four major steel companies in Russia and is currently the third largest steel manufacturer in Russia. It is a steel manufacturer with a long history in the steel industry. The main products are flat steel, Electrical steel, and color-coated steel and other steel.

They focus on operational efficiency and close to best production practices, adhere to sustainable development, adhere to the most advanced technology, environmentally friendly processing, develop green steel, and focus on producing high-quality steel products.


Metalloinvest was established in 1999,it is a regional producer of high-quality steel, a mining and metallurgical company focused on steel manufacturing, a leading global producer and supplier of HBI and iron ore products, and the largest iron ore company in Russia and the CIS.

The main products are various iron ore and various steel products, and it is the fifth largest steel producer in Russia by output.

They are committed to high value-added products, strengthening global leadership, protecting the environment, sustainable development, and improving production efficiency. They also plan to develop a project of industrial tourism, in cooperation with the Ministry of Trade, Russian industrialists and enterprises, etc. for joint development.

Swiss Steel Group

Swiss Steel Group was established in 2008,it is one of the world’s leading suppliers of customized solutions for the special steel long products business, a world-renowned player in tool steel and stainless long products, and one of the top three alloy and high-alloy engineering steel companies in Europe.The factory is located in Moscow and has its own warehouse, steel mill, processing base and branch offices, etc.


MMK is one of the largest steel producers in the world, a leader among Russian steel companies and a steel manufacturer with a long history in the steel industry.They provide the steel products needed in various areas, including the automotive industry, railway engineering, bridge construction, shipbuilding and machinery industry, etc., and their annual production capacity can reach tens of millions of tons.

They are committed to sustainable development, providing high-quality steel products, introducing modern, digital equipment and advanced technology, high social and environmental responsibility, rich experience and professional services.

MMK is a steel manufacturer, producer and supplier you can trust.

As a big steel country, many steel suppliers and manufacturers can not only be self-sufficient, but also export and import high-quality steel.There are also Russian customers who come to our Songshun steel for purchase. Our Songshun special steel suppliers, manufacturers and manufacturers can provide you with cost-effective steel products, making you value for money and looking forward to cooperating with you.

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