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According to news reports, by 2020, the use of steel in Poland will reach 20 million tons. Their demand and output of steel are increasing. Recently, our company’s Polish customer steel has placed an order for Q345B steel. They are also our company’s old customers. It is an honor to have customers’ trust and support, which is also our goal.

Songshun Steel Plant is not only a steel manufacturer who has been focusing on the steel industry for decades, but also a comprehensive steel supplier. It has its own large warehouse, advanced equipment, professional team and satisfactory service.Songshun Steel Company can provide you with the best steel prices and services to meet your needs.

Dongguan Songshun Mould Steel Co., Ltd. is looking forward to cooperating with you!


Poland is one of the largest steel producing countries in Eastern Europe. Statistics from the Polish Iron and Steel Association (HIPH) show that the development of the steel industry in Poland is relatively stable. Many Polish steel suppliers and steel manufacturers are actively developing the digitalization process and gradually implementing reforms , and the local construction, automobile, machinery and transportation industries in Poland need to use a large amount of steel, and the development of the local steel industry will continue to advance. If you need to buy Polish steel, you can refer to the following Polish steel manufacturers, steel suppliers and steel mills, etc.

ArcelorMittal Poland

ArcelorMittal was established in 1976 and merged with Mittal Steel in 2006 to become the largest steel company in the world, of which ArcelorMittal Poland is one of their subsidiaries.ArcelorMittal Poland is Poland’s largest steel producer, manufacturer and supplier, founded in 2004 with a large and historic steel mill, established in 1828, with the most modern steam-driven equipment of its time.In 2011 the “Zdzieszowice” coke plant was classified as a subsidiary of ArcelorMittal Poland.ArcelorMittal Poland is also one of the largest exporters and producers of Polish coke in Europe and is a very reliable steel company.

Their main steel products include hot-rolled profiles, bars, coils, sheets and wires, etc. They strictly control the quality of each product, have a professional testing department and team, professional and skilled production processes, advanced technology and equipment, but also to ensure on-time delivery and more.

ArcelorMittal Poland company is committed to environmental protection, sustainable development, production of high-quality products, customer needs and team cooperation and safety, etc.

Tesko Steel

Tesko Steel was established in 1996,with 26 years of steel production, sales and service history, not only has its own large warehouse, but also established a steel service center, which is one of the most modern steel service centers in Poland, and also has its own logistics center to ensure on-time delivery. They are also one of the leading steel distributors in Poland.

The main products are profiles, galvanized seam pipes and hot-rolled metal sheets, etc., to ensure the quality of the products, and have passed the PN-EN ISO 9001:2000 quality management system certification.

Tesko Steel attaches great importance to environmental issues, has reliable and professional services, uses modern technology, ensures high quality of manufactured and distributed products and much more.


NORDCOOP was established in 1993, and in 2017, became part of the Wandtke Group.Nordcoop is a large-scale steel structure producer and a leading steel manufacturer in Poland, and an expert in steel construction and welding with an international reputation.They have their own production plants, warehouses, professional equipment facilities and factories and so on.

NORDCOOP focuses on product quality, NORDCOOP has all the necessary authorizations to weld and manufacture steel structures, mainly providing steel structures for construction and industrial needs, but also structures for drilling platforms and shipbuilding, etc.

They have decades of service experience, professional and experienced teams, meet customer needs, meet market needs, continuously improve various equipment and facilities, and focus on development and environmental protection.


BOWIM S.A. is one of the main steel distributors in the Polish market. Founded in 1995, BOWIM S.A. has many years of experience in steel supply and service in Poland, and is a dynamically developing steel products distributor.BOWIM S.A. has its own large warehouses, branches and service centers, etc.

BOWIM S.A. mainly provides products such as carbon steel, hot rolled steel, round bar, flat steel, square steel and profiles, etc. They also serve the natural gas, petrochemical, water and energy markets, as well as steel processing services.

They meet customer needs, provide high-quality service, fulfill orders quickly and efficiently, manufacture prefabricated elements for the construction industry, and more.

In the Polish steel industry, many steel suppliers, steel distributors and steel manufacturers are actively developing, and Polish steel companies are actively investing in digital transformation construction, and they are reforming and advancing the steel industry step by step.

As a comprehensive special steel supplier, manufacturer and manufacturer, Songshun Steel Co., Ltd. is also in constant innovation and active development. We provide various steel products, focusing on customer satisfaction, steel plant equipment We are also continuously introducing and improving, so that our production capacity can be doubled this year. We hope to achieve long-term cooperative relations with more customers.

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