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Pakistan is one of the countries along China’s “Belt and Road” and has close cooperation with China.Our Songshun Steel manufacturer has also cooperated with many Pakistani customers, and currently there are several new Pakistani customers that are cooperating.

Our Songshun Steel Co., Ltd. meets the needs of customers, and customizes and processes according to customer needs. Our goal is to exceed your expectations for our company and products, so that you can have a pleasant and satisfactory service and look forward to the next cooperation.We have a professional team, advanced technology, our own warehouse and advanced equipment facilities and so on.Choosing some steel suppliers and steel manufacturers, choosing our company is a very correct and good choice. We have the most favorable price, high quality pursuit and good service.

Dongguan Songshun Mould Steel Co., Ltd. is looking forward to cooperating with you!


Pak Steel

Pak Steel started the installation of machinery and equipment in 1949. The steel factory started operation in 1979. With many years of steel history, Pak Steel is now one of Pakistan’s leading steel manufacturers and steel suppliers. The production capacity has been increased to 500 metric tons per day. The most advanced steel production plant equipment, the pursuit of high-quality steel products, as well as its own steel plant and chemical physics laboratory.

Pak Steel takes “success through quality” as their motto, constantly pursues high quality, and strictly controls quality inspection.Their main steel products are round bar, low carbon steel, steel bar, angle steel and square steel, etc. Each product strictly abides by international standards and is divided into several testing departments, including universal testing machine 2000 KN, Rockwell hardness Test equipment such as tester, portable hardness tester, etc.

They are committed to pursuing high quality, strictly complying with international norms and standards, investing heavily in the introduction of high-tech steelmaking technology, meeting customer needs and ensuring a safe and efficient working environment for all employees, among others.

Pakistan has been China’s die-hard friend for many years, promoting each other’s economic growth.There are many steel suppliers and steel manufacturers in Pakistan. Although the production capacity is still relatively backward, the overall development potential of the steel industry is great.In addition, there are a large number of mineral resources in the local area, and the storage of coal and iron ore is huge, which is very beneficial to the development of steel.Moreover, the economic construction and cooperation between China and Pakistan has promoted the development of the real estate construction industry in Pakistan, thereby promoting the development of the steel industry.If you need to buy steel in Pakistan, you can refer to some of the following steel manufacturers, steel suppliers and steel mills in Pakistan, etc.

Ittehad Steel

Ittehad Steel was established in 1970,it is Pakistan’s leading steel manufacturer and steel supplier, and one of the largest and most respected private steel manufacturers in Pakistan. It has been focusing on the steel industry for more than 50 years and has state-of-the-art steel plants. growth, also ranks among the largest private steel manufacturers in Pakistan with a capacity of 500,000 MTA and is a very trusted steel supplier in Pakistan.

Ittehad Steel products follow international quality standards, mainly providing durability and high quality grade 40 rebar as well as grade 60 rebar.

They are committed to meeting customer needs, protecting the environment, building a better Pakistan, and making positive contributions to the country’s social progress.


ASML was established in 2005,it is one of the largest flat steel manufacturers and one of the largest private sector investments in Pakistan’s value-added flat steel industry, is a state-of-the-art cold and hot-dip galvanized rolling complex, and is also a publicly traded company.

ASML’s main products include hot-dip galvanized coil/sheet, cold-rolled steel coil and cold-rolled steel sheet, etc., with the most advanced cold-rolled and hot-dip galvanized rolling equipment, with an annual output of over 100,000 metric tons.

Their intention is to become a global leader in the flat steel industry, committed to the pursuit of high-quality products, high-standard corporate management, environmental protection and sustainable development.

Shalimar Steel

Shalimar Steel has been in the steel industry for many years and has now become a diversified group of companies, the oldest steel manufacturer and steel supplier in Pakistan, and the largest rolled steel section manufacturer in Pakistan, a leading brand.

Shalimar Steel has state-of-the-art manufacturing cells, advanced technology, the latest state-of-the-art facilities and equipment and quality products and services. The main steel products produced are all kinds of high-quality section steel, rebar, angle steel and billet, etc.

They are committed to using advanced technology and methods to manufacture every product that meets the ISO 9001 standard, and quality control is their top priority.

Pakistani customers have always been the long-term cooperation group of our Songshun Steel Company, and with the development of China-Pakistan friendship and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project, the development of Pakistan’s steel industry will become better and better.

Among some local steel suppliers and steel manufacturers in China, our Songshun Steel is different from that, we have been focusing on special steel for decades, developing green steel, sustainable development, with product quality and customer satisfaction as the The primary goal, we provide a variety of high-quality steel products, strictly control every step and quality, and exceed your expectations.

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