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This year, Songshun Mould Steel Company expanded its export project in South Korea. We learned that with the development of the economy, the overall development of the Korean steel industry has been relatively fast, which can not only meet the domestic steel demand, but also export a large amount of steel.

For more than ten years, our Songshun Steel have been innovating and developing continuously, cooperating with customers one after another, and taking customers as the center to meet the needs of customers, so that every customer who cooperates with our Songshun steel manufacturer Can have a satisfactory and long-term cooperation.Songshun Steel has always adhered to the concept of sustainable development, pursued high-quality steel, only produces mid-to-high-end products, protects the environment and provides excellent services.

Dongguan Songshun Mould Steel Co., Ltd. is looking forward to cooperating with you!


Last year, South Korea’s steel output reached more than 70 million tons, making it the sixth largest steel producer in the world, and their steel manufacturing technology has always been in a leading position. With the development of modern technology and economy, some steel manufacturers and steel producers in South Korea are committed to integrating digitalization into their production and organizational processes, promoting the development of digitalization, and promoting the continuous and rapid development of the steel industry. If you need to buy Korean steel, you can refer to the following Korean steel suppliers and steel manufacturers.

Hyundai Steel

Established in 1953, Hyundai Steel is the oldest steelmaking company in Korea, the earliest steel company in Korea, and the second largest electric arc furnace steel manufacturer in the world. It is a very reliable steel manufacturer in Korea.

Hyundai Steel continuously develops the best technology, has its own complete production process, produces high-end steel products, and has a production capacity of tens of millions of tons. Steel pipes, stainless steel, special steel bars and hydroformed steels, etc.

They adhere to the concept of sustainable development, continue to innovate and develop, pursue high-efficiency, durable and high-quality steel products, contribute to the country’s economic development, meet customer needs, take customers as the center, and respect the diversity of cultures and habits of various countries.


Founded in 1968, POSCO has more than 50 years of rich experience. It has grown from a small steel plant without capital, technology and experience to today’s leading integrated steel plant in South Korea. It is the largest steel enterprise in South Korea.It is also the most competitive steel manufacturer in the world.They have their own manufacturing steel plants, hot rolling plants, high rolling mill plants, smelters, research institutes, museums and state-of-the-art equipment facilities and technologies, etc.

POSCO produces high-quality steel products. Its advanced manufacturing technology has always been in the leading position in the world. The annual output can reach tens of millions of tons. The products are widely used in various fields, including construction, automobile and shipbuilding industries. Our steel products include steel plate, hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, wire rod, galvanized steel, stainless steel, high carbon steel and electrical steel, etc.

They are committed to promoting technological innovation, satisfying customer needs, enhancing customer value, protecting the environment, developing green steel, firm belief in steel patriotism, creating enterprises that are more closely aligned with customers and promoting fair and free competition between companies.

POSCO has rich experience and leadership in terms of products, technologies, professions and services, and personally likes the overall design style of their official website. For more information, please click the button below to view.

Dongkuk Steel

Established in 1954, Dongkuk Steel has a 68-year history of steel, has the world’s largest pre-coated metal production facility, and is one of Korea’s leading steel manufacturers, steel suppliers and steel companies.It has its own steel mill, continuous casting machine, electric arc furnace, conformal Eco-Arc furnace, advanced technology and professional services, etc.

Their steel products are of high quality and competitive prices, mainly supplying wire rod, rebar, steel plate, galvanized steel, rebar and cold rolled steel, etc.

Dongkuk Steel is committed to leading new technologies, constantly innovating, focusing on talent cultivation, fair and just, proactive, improving customer satisfaction, customer-centric, environmentally friendly production, sustainable development and making positive contributions to the country and society.


Established in 1983, DaehanMetal is one of the leading steel suppliers in Korea and the largest logistics company in the Korean steel industry, with experienced professionals, a strong team of cooperation, excellent service, processing services and strict quality control, etc. Wait.

DaehanMetal provides a variety of high-quality steel products, through comprehensive inspection, observation inspection, self-inspection and responding to demand or claims, etc., to ensure the delivery of the highest quality products to customers, the main products provided are steel plate, stainless steel, alloy steel, hot rolled steel , cold rolled steel, structural steel and steel pipe, etc.

They are committed to leading the development of the Korean steel circulation industry, meeting customer needs, putting customers first, focusing on team expertise and cooperation, sustainable development, protecting the environment, producing green steel and efficient process management.

South Korea’s steel industry is in a leading position in the world. Some local steel companies are role models for many countries to learn from. This article introduces the three major steel companies in Korea. These steel manufacturers are very reliable and internationally recognized. enjoy a certain reputation.

China’s steel industry continues to develop rapidly and is also in a leading position in the world’s steel industry.As an integrated steel manufacturer, steel supplier and exporter, our Songshun Steel provides a wide range of carbon, alloy and tool steel products, technical advice and support, and global professional steel solutions and services.

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