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Steel Manufacturers And Steel Suppliers In Ireland

We have learned from our Irish cooperative customers of Songshun Steel Company that the production capacity of their local steel industry is constantly rising, and many local steel manufacturers and steel suppliers are also expanding and developing.The cooperation between our Songshun Steel Company and them has also achieved a win-win goal.

Dongguan Songshun Mould Steel Co., Ltd. is committed to the development of green steel, sustainable development, the pursuit of high-quality steel, advanced equipment and facilities, and the safety, health and professionalism of the team, etc.We have been in the steel industry for decades, and our goal is to win the trust and support of more customers, so that we can achieve a win-win goal.

It is a very good choice to choose our company, Dongguan Songshun Mould Steel Co., Ltd. is looking forward to cooperating with you!

With the development of the economy and the opening of European waters, Ireland’s steel production has continued to rise, ranking fourth in the world in the steel industry in 2016.Ireland vigorously attracts foreign investment with extremely low tax rates and a good business environment. Ireland has very rich zinc and lead ore reserves and is the largest lead and zinc producer in Europe. Therefore, the steel industry is also constantly developing.If you need to buy steel in Ireland, you can refer to some of the following Irish steel manufacturers, steel suppliers and steel mills, etc. introduced in this article.

Hibernia Steel

Hibernia Steel was founded in 1990,it is Ireland’s largest independent steel shareholder and is Ireland’s leading steel manufacturer and steel supplier. It has its own warehouse with more than 10,000 tons of inventory, as well as cutting and drilling production lines.

Hibernia Steel serves a wide range of services, providing first-class service to the commercial, manufacturing, agricultural and residential markets.Not only provide high-quality steel products, but also steel processing services.They specialize in steel products such as angles, flats, plates and profiles.

They strictly control quality inspection, use advanced and lean machinery and equipment, ensure on-time delivery of products, take pride in meeting customer needs and relationships with customers, and provide employees with a comfortable and safe environment, etc.

Coen Steel

Coen Steel started to operate independently in the name of Coen Steel Group in 1997,but having been trading for over 100 years, a group with many years of history and a valuable reputation, it is also a leading steel manufacturer and distributor, and the steel manufacturer of choice for locals in Ireland.They have their own large steel mills, warehouses and strategic bases, etc. They supply a variety of standard high quality steel products to all industries in the island of Ireland.

Coen Steel’s main steel products include rebar, steel plate, plate, high-strength steel, wear-resistant steel and laser steel, etc., provide a wide range of first-class steel products, have its own logistics fleet and long-term cooperative freight forwarders, ensure on-time delivery, and also Offers cutting, bending and reinforcing services, among others.

They have unique advantages to meet the needs of customers, have innovative and advanced technology and equipment facilities, are committed to continuous innovation of products and practices, and strictly abide by international standards.

Blue Steel

Blue Steel is Ireland’s fastest growing steel manufacturer and steel supplier company, with its own fleet logistics, professional team, professional cutting technology, branch offices and warehouses.

Blue Steel’s main products include round bars, square bars, steel plates, steel pipes and flat bars and other steel products. The warehouse inventory exceeds tens of thousands of tons and can be delivered quickly.

They are committed to meeting the needs of their customers, being customer-centric, providing customers with quality products and professional and excellent service, ensuring on-time delivery, protecting the environment, and more.

Barrett Steel

Founded in 1866, Barrett Steel has more than 150 years of service experience, operates several companies, has been in a leading position, and is a steel supplier with many years of history and experience.It has its own large warehouse and inventory, precise precision technology and world-class processing facilities and so on.

Barrett Steel’s main products are general construction and manufacturing steels, pipes, profiles, carbon steels, tool steels and alloy steels.Having its own professional fleet ensures on-time product delivery, as well as extensive processing services.

Barrett Steel takes the needs of customers as the core, develops long-term cooperative relationships with customers, is a socially responsible steel enterprise, protects the environment, respects employees and so on.

Driven by economic development and port development, it is believed that the Irish steel industry will develop better and better.

Our Songshun steel supplier and steel manufacturer, hope to achieve a long-term mutually beneficial and win-win relationship with each customer, we provide a variety of high-quality steel products, customer-centric, meet customer needs, and develop Green steel, commitment to sustainability and more.

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