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Steel Manufacturers And Steel Suppliers In Iraq

Iraq is my country’s “Belt and Road” cooperation country. We jointly hold high the banner of peaceful development and actively develop economic partnership with countries along the route.Through the “Belt and Road” bridge, our Songshun Steel Company has achieved the goal of win-win cooperation with many Iraqi customers.

We are not only a comprehensive special steel manufacturer, but also our own warehouse and a steel supplier.Songshun Mould Steel Company can provide you with the best steel prices and services to meet your needs.

Songshun Steel Factory looks forward to working with you!

In 2021, the global steel industry will continue to recover and develop, and the production capacity in the Middle East will continue to grow, some of which will come from Iraq.After the war, the post-war reconstruction has stimulated the recovery of the local steel industry. The local steel suppliers are developing rapidly. Some Iraqi steel manufacturers, steel suppliers, etc. have officially put in and operated new factories, and are constantly increasing their production capacity. .If you need to buy Iraqi steel, you can refer to some of the following Iraqi steel manufacturers, steel suppliers and steel mills, etc.

Halkawt Steel

Halkawt Steel Company was established in 1985 and has many years of steel history, it is one of the largest steel suppliers in Iraq and Kurdistan region with its own steel mills and warehouses.

Their main products are steel pipes, shafts, steel bars, angle bars, deformed bars and wide flange beams. As long as you put forward the steel you need, they will work hard to find the right steel for you.

Halkawt Steel Company is a trusted company committed to their belief in customer satisfaction and long-term relationship with customers, on time and fast product shipping delivery, they also have an important service is steel sections, exhibitions and small bridges.

Med Steel

Med Steel Company is the first and only company that produces profiles in Iraqi Kurdistan. Although it is a new company in the field of steel production, its facilities, engineers and sales staff are all of high quality.

Their company has its own rolling mill, has its own melting workshop and rolling mill, and has high-quality steel smelting and casting production methods, with an additional capacity of more than 100,000 tons in 2021.The main products are steel bars, square profiles, flat profiles, angle profiles and T profiles, as well as steel processing and hardening services.

They have professional knowledge, high-quality steel products, excellent service, protect the environment and bring value to customers.

Darin Steel

Darin Steel Company was established in 2009, the same time as our Songshun Mould Steel Company.Darin Steel Company is one of the leading companies among steel manufacturers.

They maintain the highest quality of steel, they can produce up to 12 tons per induction furnace, and the annual output can reach more than 120,000 tons per year. They have their own scrap plants, power plants, steel mills and rolling mills, etc.

Darin Steel Company is committed to providing customers with the highest quality steel rebar, with steel mills staffed by experts, engineers and skilled employees, etc., for sustainable development and protection of the environment.

Al Anmaa

Al Anmaa is the only modern-design steel mill in the southern Iraqi province of Basra, a steel mill, steel supplier and steel manufacturer.

Their main products are structural carbon steel billets, rebars and round bars, etc. Each product is subject to strict quality control, is chemically and physically tested, and is melted, refined, processed and finished.

They are committed to exceeding customer expectations for quality, timely delivery and cost, interacting with customers more and providing the highest quality products and services. They are working hard to become the number one steel producer in the MENA region.

Iraq is our China’s “One Belt, One Road” development cooperation country, and after years of war and turmoil, Iraq is seeking to revive the steel industry. We know from our Iraqi customers in Songshun Steel that they are slowly recovering their steel industry.

As a comprehensive special steel supplier, manufacturer and manufacturer, our Songshun Steel Company provides a variety of steel products. As long as you put forward your needs, we will try our best to meet your needs and do our best. Every customer who cooperates with us can cooperate happily and happily, and our goal is to achieve a win-win situation.

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