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Iran is not only a country of my country’s “Belt and Road”, but also a close friend of China. Over the years, the two countries have conducted cultural exchanges and trade exchanges on the Silk Road.Our Songshun Mould Steel Company also has friendly exchanges and cooperation with many Iranian customers, and we are also very grateful for their continuous support and trust.

Dongguan Songshun Mould Steel Co., Ltd. takes customers as the core, meets customer requirements, pursues high-quality and high-demand steel products, strict and professional quality control, advanced equipment and facilities, friendly and professional services, pays attention to environmental protection, and pays attention to steel mills safety and environmental protection issues, develop green steel, and adhere to sustainable development.

Dongguan Songshun Mould Steel Co., Ltd. is looking forward to cooperating with you!


Iran’s economy has been developing continuously, it is a trade center connecting the East and the West, and it is also a country of China’s “Belt and Road”.With the cooperation with China and the development of Iran itself, the development of Iran’s infrastructure and economy has been continuously promoted.The construction of infrastructure requires a large amount of steel, so with the advancement of infrastructure construction, the steel industry, steel mills, steel manufacturers and steel suppliers in Iran are also constantly developing.If you need to buy Iranian steel, you can refer to the following Iranian steel manufacturers, steel suppliers and steel mills, etc.

Iran Alloy Steel Company

Iran Alloy Steel Co., Ltd. was put into production in 1999. It is a leading position among many steel manufacturers and steel suppliers in Iran. It is the largest manufacturer of various alloy steels in Iran and the Middle East. It is also the most advanced alloy in the world. One of the steel manufacturers, with many years of history in the steel industry, has won the trust and support of many customers.And it has its own steelmaking plant, large warehouse, heavy-duty steel plant and inspection workshop, etc. It is also equipped with modern facilities, the latest rolling mills, professional equipment and operators, and so on.

They strictly control the quality of steel products, comply with international standards, have skilled and professional production processes and production lines, have special testing personnel, testing workshops and laboratories, etc. The main steel products include alloy steel, special steel, coils, round bars And plates and other products, widely used in various fields of steel are available.

Iran Alloy Steel Co., Ltd. is committed to protecting the environment. It has not only organized environmental protection activities, but also won several environmental protection-related awards. It adheres to sustainable development, meets customer needs, produces steel with the highest standards, and responds to social responsibilities.


Khouzestan Steel Company was established in 1973,it is one of the leading crude steel producers in Iran, with an annual production capacity of millions of tons, and one of the most advanced economic institutions in Iran. The company has made positive contributions to the society and played an important role in Iran. It is a company with many years of steel history, and it is also the first iron and steel production enterprise in Iran that adopts direct reduction method and electric arc furnace technology (EAF).

Khouzestan Steel Company has its own steel plant, and the annual production capacity is also very large. The main steel products are structural steel, billet, slab and bloom, etc.Their steel plant includes six electric arc furnaces, a ladle furnace (LF) and a continuous caster, among others.

They are committed to customer-centricity, improving customer satisfaction, improving productivity, improving production quality, focusing on protecting the environment and teamwork and efficient development, etc.


Romaktrading was established in 2015,it is an international trading company in Iran. Numerous steel suppliers in Iran,they have the fastest development and have close cooperation with Iran’s leading steel manufacturers. It is a reliable steel supplier in Iran.

They pursue high-quality steel products, fast and on-time delivery, are good at bulk transportation and have a dedicated team of experts to conduct product quality testing.The main products provided are iron and steel, cement and clinker, minerals and petrochemicals, and five high-grade products of asphalt.

They have reasonable pricing, proactively meet customer needs, professional logistics and transportation services and high-quality products, etc. They have branches in China, Europe, Africa, South Korea and Southeast Asia.

Saba Steel Zagros

Saba Steel Zagros is a fully private Iranian company and the leading steel supplier in the region, officially operating in 2012, becoming one of the top quality steel producers in the region.It has its own large-scale steel mills, warehouses, high-production hot rolling mills, professional equipment facilities and logistics, etc.

Their products meet international standards, produce the highest quality billets, and have 3,000 square meters of storage and loading bays, as well as state-of-the-art hot strip mills.The production process is carried out in accordance with global standards, professional and skilled, and the products are also recognized by the Iranian National Standards Institute.There is also a quality control laboratory equipped with the most modern testing and analytical equipment.

Saba Steel Zagros meets customer requirements, quality assurance, pays attention to protecting the environment, introduces the latest and most advanced facilities and equipment and produces high-quality steel bars, etc.

In 2017, Iran was the 18th largest steel exporter in the world, and its output continued to rise every year. In 2019, it has successfully surpassed Italy, France and other countries and ranked 10th in the world’s steel output.Above are some of the Steel Manufacturers, Steel Traders and Steel Suppliers in Iran,etc.Just for your reference.

Among the many steel supplier factories and manufacturers in China, Songshun Steel has been developing continuously, adhering to customer-centricity, meeting customer needs, improving customer satisfaction, protecting the environment, developing green steel, and insisting on sustainable development. Continue to develop and make positive contributions to the society.

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