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Egypt, like Iraq, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, is a country in my country’s “Belt and Road” initiative. Through the “Belt and Road” link, our Songshun steel manufacturer has recently established long-term cooperative relations with some customers in Egypt.

Dongguan Songshun Mould Steel Co., Ltd. is not only a comprehensive steel manufacturer but also a steel supplier. We have large warehouses, advanced technology, complete equipment and facilities, skilled production processes, high-quality products and professional Service, we only produce and supply mid-to-high-end steel products, provide cost-effective prices, and include services that you are satisfied with.

Our goal is to establish long-term cooperative relationship with customers and achieve win-win development.Songshun Dongguan Songshun Mould Steel Co., Ltd. is looking forward to cooperating with you!

Egypt is the second largest producer of pig iron in Africa. Among the top ten iron and steel enterprises in Africa, Egypt accounts for 5. The annual production capacity of steel products can reach more than 10 million tons. Egypt is also the largest exporter of steel from China to Africa. s country. With the development of the “Belt and Road” and the development of the national economy, many large-scale construction infrastructure projects in Egypt have started construction, and the demand for steel is also increasing, and the output of Egyptian steel will rebound. If you need to buy steel in Egypt, you can refer to some of the following Egyptian steel suppliers, steel manufacturers and steel mills, etc.

Egyptian Steel

Founded in 2010, Egyptian Steel Group has been focusing on the steel industry for decades. It is a leading steel manufacturer in Egypt, using the most advanced environmental protection technology to produce safe and high-quality products that meet local and international standards. It has its own branch, large-scale Several steel mills, warehouses, advanced production equipment and facilities, new energy-saving technologies and professional services, etc.

Egyptian Steel produces a wide range of high-quality steel products, mainly relying on local raw materials such as iron ore for production. The technology used relies on the connection between the continuous caster and the rolling equipment, eliminating the need for reheating billets or furnace smelting operations. Every year The production capacity can reach more than one million tons.

They are committed to producing world-class steel products, meeting customer needs, focusing on developing the steelmaking sector, protecting the environment, developing green steel and making important contributions to the country, etc.

Beshay Steel

Founded in 1948, Beshay Steel Group has 74 years of experience in the steel industry, is Egypt’s leading steel manufacturer and steel supplier, and is the largest private steel producer in Egypt and the Middle East, and uses the latest high-quality steel technology to compete In the leading position, they have developed from a production capacity of 1,000 tons in 1948 to a production capacity of more than 100,000 tons today.

They pursue high-quality products, have obtained several ISO certifications, products are produced in strict accordance with international standards, the steel mill has its own melting workshop, integrated vacuum degassing unit, professional process steps, heat treatment workshop, heat conveying system and direct feeding systems, etc., mainly provides steel products such as profiles, rebars, billets, angles and wires, etc.

Beshay Steel pays attention to the training of professionals, to meet the needs of customers, to meet the needs of local industries, to provide high-quality steel products, to expand production capacity and to adhere to sustainable development.

Kandil Steel

Kandil Steel was established in 1865, but it was in the 1950s that it really developed and made steel and officially entered the steel industry.Kandil Steel is Egypt’s leading steel manufacturer and Egypt’s leading galvanized steel supplier, producing high-quality steel products with high quality over the years, and has a strong presence and reputation in the Egyptian market. With its own steel mill, warehouse, cold rolling mill, processing department and workshop, etc., it is a very reliable steel manufacturer.

Since 1950, they have been engaged in the production of steel for 72 years. They are professional and leading in terms of production equipment and facilities, production processes and processes, operation teams and products, and the current production capacity is about 600,000 tons per year. , The main products provided are flat steel, galvanized steel, cold rolled steel and steel plate and so on.

Kandil Steel focuses on quality materials, produces quality products, is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction, treats people with integrity, has built a reputation as a reliable steel supplier, and more.

Almadina Steel

Founded in 1982, Almadina Steel has 40 years of experience in steel services, is a certified dealer and importer of the largest steel mills in Egypt, Turkey, Ukraine, and has achieved great success and strong influence in the steel market.

The main products offered by Almadina Steel are steel billets and rebar products with different mechanical components and specifications, all of which are provided to international standards.

They are committed to sustainable development, meeting customer needs, pursuing excellence, and eager to build a true steel entity that will contribute to the growth and success of the Egyptian economy.

The steel industry is the economic pillar of Egypt. Many local supply steel manufacturers, steel distributors and steel suppliers are developing vigorously. Coupled with Egypt’s large-scale infrastructure construction projects, it has driven the growth of steel demand. And to promote the construction of new production capacity, the development of Egypt’s steel industry is continuing to rise.

Our Songshun Steel Company has been focusing on the steel industry for decades and has rich experience, providing a variety of high-quality steel products, producing in strict accordance with international standards, focusing on customer satisfaction, developing green steel, protecting the environment, and insisting on sustainable development. continued development, etc.

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