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At present, due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, Britain and China have closer cooperation in steel import and export. Our songshun steel company has also cooperated with some British customers.

Our Songshun Steel has been focusing on the steel industry for more than ten years. We have our own fixed cooperative logistics, warehouses, and steel mills. We are not only steel suppliers but also manufacturers. We can provide you with the most cost-effective steel prices and the best quality services,satisfy your needs.And among the many steel suppliers or manufacturers in China, we have always adhered to our own development concept, sustainable development, green steel, pursuit of quality, innovation, and win-win cooperation with customers.

Dongguan Songshun Mould Steel Co., Ltd. is looking forward to cooperating with you!


The steel industry in the UK has been increasing year by year since the late 1960s, but the further development of the steel industry has been hindered by the economic crisis.Although the uncertainty of the economic crisis affects the development of the steel industry in the UK steel industry, the competitiveness of the local steel industry has declined, but there are some steel suppliers and manufacturers in the UK that continue to move forward, and currently the UK The Steel Charter aims to maximise opportunities for the UK economy and UK steel producers by encouraging and facilitating measures related to steel sourcing.If you need buy British steel,you can refer to some of the following UK steel manufacturers, steel suppliers and steel mills, etc. introduced in this article.

British Steel

British Steel is Europe’s leading steel manufacturer and integrated steel supplier with its own steel mills and subsidiaries.And their steel mill has existed for more than a hundred years and is a very reliable steel manufacturer and steel supplier.

British Steel supplies high-quality steel products to all over the world, producing 1 million tons of high-quality steel every year. The main products are construction steel, special profiles, wire rods and various semi-finished products.They focus on producing high-quality steel products, green production environment, providing customer satisfaction services and sustainable development, etc.And they have been in the steel industry for hundreds of years, and they are very professional and leading in technology, equipment and service.

In March 2020, British Steel was acquired by Jingye Group, a well-known Chinese multi-industry company specializing in steel manufacturing, opening a new chapter in British steelmaking.


Among the many steel suppliers and steel manufacturers in the UK, LIBERTY Steel UK is the third largest steel manufacturer in the country. With a total rolling capacity of more than 18 million tons, it is one of the top ten producers in the world excluding China.

LIBERTY Steel UK not only supplies the development of green steel, but also electric arc, vacuum induction melting, rolling mill processing and value-added services.It provides various steel products at home and abroad, mainly including steel rods, steel pipes, steel plates and metal products, etc., and faces customers in various neighborhoods,including aerospace, automobile and natural gas industries, etc.

They are committed to the development of green steel, quality assurance and compliance, the environment and sustainability, providing employees with opportunities for fulfilling careers and growth.


Masteel was established in 2002, it is a UK-based steel supplier. Among many steel suppliers, they are not limited to specific steel mills, and flexible services to meet customer needs. And they have grown from a small private steel trading company to a globally recognized steel shareholder, focusing on the steel industry for 20 years.

Their main products are structural steel, section steel, stainless steel, chrome-molybdenum steel and heat-resistant steel, etc. They are purchased according to international standards, and they attach great importance to the quality of the products. control.

Masteel has professional services, providing high-quality steel products, professional and efficient export transportation channels, quality certification and strict control and testing services, etc.

The above are several steel manufacturers and steel suppliers in the UK, for your reference only.

Among the many special steel suppliers and manufacturers in China, our Songshun Mould Steel Company has been focusing on the steel industry for more than ten years, and is a comprehensive steel manufacturer, providing a variety of high-quality steel products, committed to efficient and green production High quality steel, customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction service.

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