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Steel Manufacturers And Steel Suppliers In Brazil


The Brazilian steel industry is developing continuously, and the increase in demand has stimulated the rapid development of the Brazilian steel industry. Many steel suppliers are emerging, and our company has learned from Brazilian customers that there is a lot of demand for steel from Brazilian steel supplier manufacturers.

Our Songshun Mould Steel, focus on the production of high-quality steel, constantly innovate, continuously improve our technology, introduce more advanced equipment, and sincerely meet the needs of serving each customer well.

As a comprehensive special steel mill, warehouse, steel manufacturer and exporter, Songshun Steel is looking forward to working with you!

In the rapidly developing Brazilian steel industry, the equipment utilization rate of steel production enterprises is continuously improving, and Brazil will occupy more export share in the international market. If your project needs Brazilian steel, you can refer to the following steel suppliers and manufacturers in Brazil.


Gerdau is Brazil’s largest steel producer and is in a leading position in the world’s steel industry. It has factories in Brazil and many South American countries. It is also one of the major suppliers of long products in the Americas and the world’s special steel. and the fastest growing brand in the mining sector.

Gerdau Enterprises supplies steel needs in a number of sectors, including civil construction, automotive, industry, agriculture and various sectors. They mainly produce long products, special steel, flat steel and iron ore, among others, and it is also the largest recycler in Latin America, converting millions of tons of scrap into steel every year globally.

Their company is committed to the concepts of safety, respect, professional service, teamwork, diversity, responsibility and sustainable development, etc., and is constantly moving forward.

Mitsui & Co.

Mitsui & Co., one of the world’s most diversified integrated trading, investment and service companies.It not only develops the business of the steel industry, minerals and metals, but also develops the business of resources, mobile business, freight business, food and logistics and so on. The company has its own branch offices and 129 offices in 63 countries and regions around the world.

They have the most advanced steel product technology, professional knowledge and high-quality steel products, they are committed to sustainable development,Ensuring sustainable supply, industries that enable sustainable societies, creating eco-friendly societies, strengthening their governance and compliance, and more.


Usiminas was established in 2010, is the largest local steel complex in South America. It has its own large steel plant. In addition to producing and transforming steel, they also provide technological and innovative solutions.It also has a modern steel processing infrastructure, and its main products are cold rolled steel, electrogalvanized, hot dip galvanized, hot strip and heavy plate and other steel products.

They produce and commercialize iron ore with quality that is safe and respect the environment, pursue high quality, strict technical requirements, continuous innovation, provide complete, innovative and customized solutions, are committed to quality, management and create value and availability for society Sustainable development concept.

In order to gain the trust of more customers, their company has also launched an integrity program that guides the actions of all professionals and strengthens ethical conduct. And has a number of certification certificates, including ABNT, ABS, BV, DNV, IRAM, IOS and CE, etc.

Waelzholz Brasmetal

Waelzholz Brasmetal is a subsidiary of the Waelzholz Group, which produces more than 100,000 tons of materials per year, has hundreds of employees in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and sells mainly to the local market, but also to other parts of Latin America.

They produce a variety of steels, including spring steel, martensitic steel, austenitic chrome-nickel-molybdenum steel, and high-strength microalloyed fine-grained steel, etc. They are constantly innovating, and in 2021, using innovative remote processes The new rolling mill was put into operation at the Taicang plant. They are constantly expanding, becoming more international and adhering to the concept of sustainable materials for future products.


CSN was established in 1941,It is the second largest steel manufacturer in Brazil, the largest integrated steel manufacturer in Brazil, and one of the largest crude steel producers in South America. As a Brazilian steel supplier, the manufacturer exports to all parts of the world and produces various steel products. , including flat steel, coated steel, pre-painted steel, sheet metal and long steel, etc.

The company is constantly expanding, the steel production capacity can reach tens of millions of tons per year, supplying customers all over the world, supplying the automotive galvanized steel market, and also specializing in the production of coated steel, galvanized steel and color-coated steel factory, expanded its iron ore inventory and processing facilities, and they also expanded into other areas of business, including logistics, mining and cement.


Aperam is not only a global player in the stainless, electrical and specialty steel markets, but also a global leader in environmental sustainability.As a supplier of steel, with a capacity of millions of tons per year, they employ thousands of people and operate in four divisions: Stainless and Electrical Steel, Services and Solutions, Alloys and Specialty Materials, and Recycling.Customers are located in many countries or regions, occupying some market shares in Europe and South America.

Aperam steel suppliers, the main products are stainless steel, alloy, electrical steel and carbon steel, etc., have their own innovative high-performance solutions and local technology, they are based on the concept of sustainable development, stainless steel products are 100% recyclable.

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