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At present, the steel industry in Bangladesh is developing vigorously, and our Songshun Steel Company is also looking forward to cooperating with customers in Bangladesh and establishing long-term cooperative relations.

Among the many steel suppliers in China, our Songshun Steel is not only a steel supplier, but also a steel manufacturer. We provide a variety of high-quality and high-demand green steel, wholeheartedly meet customer needs, adhere to the concept of sustainable development, produce steel that meets international standards, pursue quality, meet customer needs, improve customer satisfaction, and sincerely serve every customer.

Songshun Steel Supplier Manufacturer is looking forward to working with you!

In the past few years, with the impact of the epidemic, Bangladesh’s infrastructure construction and economy have also had a great impact, and the development of the steel industry has also been affected. However, at present, with the strong support of the Bangladeshi government for steel, increased infrastructure efforts, and efforts to develop the Bangladeshi steel industry, this is very conducive to the recovery and development of the Bangladeshi steel industry after the epidemic, and the development space is very broad. If you need to buy steel in Bangladesh, you can refer to the following steel suppliers and steel manufacturers in Bangladesh.


ZSRM started to operate as a joint venture in 2003. Among several steel suppliers and steel manufacturers in Bangladesh, ZSRM is one of the leaders in the steel manufacturing industry in Bangladesh and is also the manufacturer of medium and low carbon and low alloy steel billets in Bangladesh. One of the producers, with its own steel mills, advanced rolling mill facilities, advanced technology and large warehouses, etc.

ZSRM ensures Bangladesh provides the best quality products according to various international and national standards, the main products provided are Bars, Billets and TMT 500W MS Rod and many more.

ZSRM takes the customer as the center, protects the environment, produces green steel, continuously introduces advanced technology, non-rich professional team and timely exchange and so on.


BSRM was established in 1952 as the first steel re-rolling plant in Bangladesh, a leading steel manufacturer and a steel mill with a certain reputation in Bangladesh.It has a steelmaking plant with many years of steel history, advanced facilities, equipment and technology, etc.

In 2006, the output of BSRM exceeded 1 million tons. The main steel products include steel bars, billets, profile steels, square bars and angle steels.

BSRM is committed to producing the highest quality steel products, continuously improving customer satisfaction, building long-term partnerships, continuously improving product and service quality, focusing on developing talents and developing future leaders of the organization, and more.

Alpha Steel Products Bangladesh

Alpha Steel is a leading supplier of steel building materials in Bangladesh and one of the most trusted companies among Bangladeshi steel suppliers.With its own steel manufacturing workshop, advanced equipment and professional operation groups, it provides the best service and the most competitive price.

They mainly offer high quality prefabricated metal building materials, there are C & Z Purlin, use Z compared to traditional rolled sections (eg angle/channel/beam) and hollow sections (eg round tube/SHS/RHS) Purlin can save up to 50% on structural steel costs.

Alpha Steel has strong expertise, extensive experience, quality service, advanced technology and more.They focus on customer satisfaction, meet customer needs, are committed to building long-term cooperative relationships with customers, and more.

SAS Group

With 34 years of steel service history, SAS Group is one of the pioneers of steel manufacturing in Bangladesh and one of the leading steel manufacturers in Bangladesh.There are several own branches, advanced technology, fully automatic production systems, steel mills and warehouses, etc.

SAS Group operates not only in industries with steel but also in bricks, blocks, real estate and agriculture, etc. It also introduces state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, with machines imported and installed by well-known world-class equipment manufacturers. Their main steel products are X-BAR, angle steel, I-beam and H-beam, etc.

They are committed to ensuring products meet the highest quality standards, ensuring high-quality products are delivered, meeting customer expectations, protecting the environment, keeping teams safe, and more.

The implementation of large-scale infrastructure construction projects has driven the development of Bangladesh’s steel industry. Many steel manufacturers , supply steel suppliers and steel mills in the steel industry are slowly recovering and developing, and the development space is very broad.

The development of our Songshun Steel Company is also slowly rising. Over the years, we have won the trust of customers with our professional technology, rich experience, high-quality steel products, strict quality inspection and high-quality service. This is also our goal and honor, and we hope to achieve a win-win goal with more customers.

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