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Steel Manufacturers and Steel Suppliers in Azerbaijan

The steel industry in Azerbaijan plays an important role in the national economy. They have abundant rare metal minerals and are an important geographical transportation hub for Central Europe and Central Asia, with good transportation conditions. These conditions provide strong support for the development of their metallurgical industry. In recent years, we have collaborated with multiple Azerbaijani customers and learned about their expanding domestic market demand. We are also constantly improving the quality and supply capacity of steel to meet the greater demands of Azerbaijani customers.

With the development of the economy, Azerbaijan’s steel industry is also growing, promoting the development of local steel suppliers and manufacturers in Azerbaijan. If you need to buy steel in Azerbaijan, this article will introduce several Azerbaijani steel manufacturers and steel suppliers for your reference only.

Baku Steel Company

Founded in 2001, BSC is one of Azerbaijan’s leading steel manufacturers and one of the largest steel suppliers in the Caucasus. They have modern steel plants and a team of thousands of people, as well as advanced production technology, electric arc furnaces, ladle furnaces, continuous casting machines, etc.

They maximize production automation, improve production efficiency, and also ensure high-quality production. They mainly provide rebar, billet, round bar, square steel, angle steel and so on.

BSC focuses on innovation and quality, adopts technological innovation, applies innovative equipment, and continuously develops to meet customer needs and achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.


ALIZADEH LLC is one of the world’s leading steel manufacturers and one of Azerbaijan’s high-quality steel suppliers. They are equipped with professional services, latest technology, vast experience, state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment facilities and much more.

As one of the professional steel suppliers, ALIZADEH LLC has a strict quality management system and supports customized services. It mainly produces various steel products, including flat steel, hot-rolled plates, galvanized plates, cold-rolled plates, long steel, stainless steel, Pipes and pipes and more.

They are committed to being customer-centric, meeting the needs of customers in different industries, focusing on environmental protection, sustainable development and innovation, and striving to provide customers with reliable and efficient solutions.


Founded in 2001, AZMETAL-S is one of the steel importers and steel suppliers operating in Azerbaijan and is a company with high quality certificates. They have the latest technology, understanding of customer needs, professional team and more.

They provide a wide range of steel products for the gas transportation, industry, construction industries, etc., including steel profiles, steel pipes, steel plates, rebar, etc.

AZMETAL-S is committed to providing high-quality products and reasonable prices to continuously meet customer needs.

Azertechnolayn LLC

Azertechnolayn LLC, established in 2012, is one of the important steel suppliers and manufacturers in Azerbaijan and one of the companies that contributes to the implementation of important local projects. They have multiple factories and production areas, multiple employees, multiple projects, and so on.

They produce a variety of products that meet international standards and provide various testing services. The main steel products they provide include spiral seam steel pipes, spiral welded pipes, HDPE pipes, double corrugated pipes, etc.

Azertechnolayn LLC is committed to specializing in the production of heavy industrial products, serving multiple fields, protecting the environment, and developing sustainably.

Songshun Steel

Songshun Steel is a comprehensive steel exporter and one of the preferred steel suppliers for many Azerbaijani companies. We have material quality certificates, the highest level of service, a professional team, strong supply capabilities and more.

We have a large warehouse with complete specifications and rich varieties. We support customization and provide various steel materials to meet customer needs. The steel materials we mainly provide include cold work die steel, hot work die steel, alloy structural steel, high speed steel, stainless steel, cutting steel, etc.

Songshun Steel is committed to working closely with customers, understanding their needs, constantly meeting their requirements, providing customized technical support and solutions, and providing the best steel to customers around the world.

The above are several of the steel suppliers and manufacturers in Azerbaijan. With local support and development, Azerbaijan’s steel industry will grow steadily in the next few years. As one of the leading steel suppliers in China, Songshun Steel will continue to improve and provide better quality steel to customers.

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