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Australia’s steel industry has a long history of development. Like China, it is a major steel producer and consumer.Our Songshun Steel Plant has exported 4340 steel to Australia and won their unanimous praise and trust. We have also achieved the goal of win-win cooperation with customers.

Dongguan Songshun Mould Steel Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the steel industry for more than ten years, and is leading and professional in terms of facilities and equipment, technology, operators, teams, products and services.We are customer-centric, meet customer needs, and continuously improve customer satisfaction.We pursue high-quality products, have professional testing equipment, and strictly control every quality detail.

Dongguan Songshun Mould Steel Co., Ltd. is looking forward to cooperating with you!

Australia has important resources for the development of the steel industry. The total amount of coal and iron resources is large. The iron ore reserves are abundant and the output is very high. The reserves and mining of iron, coal and manganese are among the top in the world.These important mineral resources are very beneficial to the development of steel, and the quality of Australian iron ore is rated as the best iron ore in the world.If you need to buy Australian steel, you can refer to some of the following Australian steel manufacturers, steel suppliers and steel mills introduced in this article.

Atlas Steels

Atlas Steels started in 1939 and is a supplier of special steel and alloy steel to Australia and New Zealand with many years of steel history. It is also Australia’s largest supplier of stainless steel, aluminum and special steel, and has a leading position among many steel manufacturers and suppliers in Australia. status.It also has 8 service centers, professional knowledge, professional processing services and technologies, and strict quality control.It is also a well-known supplier of steel products and related services for industrial development and infrastructure projects.

Atlas Steels offers a wide range of high-quality steel products, mainly aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, pipes and fittings, and more.Products have ISO9001 quality certification to ensure that products meet international standards.

They are committed to the pursuit of more advanced technology, to be the first choice for customers in specialty metals, the belief that customers are the first, to establish long-term cooperative relationships with customers and an experienced team, etc.

Bisalloy Steels

Bisalloy Steels was established in 1980,with 42 years of service history in the steel industry, it is the only steel manufacturer in Australia that produces high-strength, wear-resistant, quenched and tempered steel plates, a professional high-performance steel manufacturer and supplier, and one of Australia’s leading steel manufacturers. One, the output is growing every year and exported to various countries.And with the high quality of products and professional technical support, it has won an excellent international reputation and is a reliable steel manufacturer.

Their products are world-class, in line with international standards, strictly control the quality of production products, and pursue high-quality, high-wear and high-strength steel.The main steel products offered are structural steel, wear-resistant steel, protection steel and dual-alloy steel for armor, structural and wear-resistant steel applications, etc.Their steelmaking process is already very professional and skilled and also helps control impurities through the use of hot metal injection and slag conditioning in the basic oxygen steelmaking process.

Bisalloy Steels is committed to professional processing, providing products with higher toughness, structural integrity and fatigue resistance, efficient production processes and environmental protection, and more.

Orrcon Steel

Orrcon Steel was formed in October 2000 through the merger of the Welded Tube Mills and Hills Tubing divisions.It is Australia’s leading steel, pipe and tube distributor and steel manufacturer, and a business focused on the supply of Australian steel, with its own large warehouses, steel mills, multiple branches, retailers and dealers and more.

Orrcon Steel ensures the quality of its products, and its quality management system meets the requirements of ISO 9001. The main steel products provided are pipes, hot-rolled structural steel, bars and steel plates, etc.They also offer construction products, housing products, and fencing, among other products.

They attach great importance to environmental protection, green production, and focus on the professionalism and cooperation of the team. The team has professional steel knowledge and experience, can deliver fast, has its own distribution center, and also participated in many charitable activities.

Impact Steel

Impact Steel has been focusing on the steel industry for more than 20 years and has been one of Australia’s leading distributors and processors of steel plate and coil products, with a large warehouse and large inventory, a professional team, professional technology and professional service , has four operating divisions for inventory, processing, warehousing and distribution, and also has a dedicated steel efficiency review process.

They ensure that the highest quality steel is delivered, mainly offering high-quality steel products such as impact steel, cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum and steel plate, to name a few. There are also professional processing services, including slitting, shearing and PE coating, etc., and using modern steel processing methods.

Impact Steel meets customer needs and focuses on customer satisfaction, ensuring high-quality steel products, fast delivery and commitment to professional service standards, among others.

Australia is one of the three giants in the global mining industry, and it is also the country with the highest iron ore reserves and production in the world. However, to develop the steel industry well, other resources and geographical advantages are needed. The above are some steel manufacturers, steel distributors and steel suppliers etc. in Australia, for your reference only.

Among the many special steel manufacturers and suppliers in China, Songshun Steel is different in that we always adhere to sustainable development, focus on customer satisfaction, protect the environment, produce high-demand and high-quality steel products and professional satisfaction service standards, etc.

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