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As a steel manufacturer, we have a decades-long history of focusing on specialty steels and have established a strict quality monitoring framework to control the quality of steel.

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It is understood that, as the largest steel importer in Africa, Algeria plans to nearly double its steel output in 2025 to 10 million tons, and the Algerian steel industry is one of the two industries selected by the local government to achieve self-sufficiency as soon as possible.In recent years, Algeria has been focusing on the development of the steel industry. If you need to buy steel in Algeria, you can refer to some of the following Algerian steel manufacturers, steel suppliers and steel mills, etc.

Tosyalı Algeria

Tosyalı Algeria is an international subsidiary of Tosyalı, the leader in Algerian steel and the most important steel producer, manufacturer and mill in Algeria.

The main products are steel bar, wire rod, spiral tube and billet, etc.In 2013, dedicated investments were made in the production of rebar, which is also one of the most in-demand construction materials in Algeria.In 2018, Tosyali Algeria sets up a pellet production unit, cementing its gem and pride in the Algerian industry.

Tosyalı Algeria is committed to the concept of sustainable development, committed to leaving a better world for future generations, protecting the environment, green steel, supplying high-quality steel to the market, meeting customer needs, continuous improvement and innovation, improving skills and enhancing natural resources, etc.


Qatar Steel Algeria was established in December 2013, it is the second largest steel producer, steel manufacturer and supplier in Algeria and has a leading position in the Algerian steel sector.

The main products are wire rod and concrete rounds, and the company operates its own steel mill with an annual output of several million tons. In May last year, AQS started exporting more than 17,000 tons of billet to Europe and Arab countries. AQS is a very trusted steel producer and steel manufacturer.

They have professional service, advanced equipment, state-of-the-art technology and high-efficiency production, etc. AQS also places great emphasis on human capital, a work environment that encourages creativity and innovation, the protection of the environment, and its own dedicated wastewater treatment factory.


METGAV INDUSTRY is one of the most important sites for hot dip galvanizing, providing customers with a complete surface treatment process.

Dedicated to meeting the needs of local and international manufacturers, METGAV INDUSTRY specialises in metalworking and surface treatment, using a concentrated technical industrial process that combines productivity, respect for people and nature

They are equipped with the latest generation of equipment, advanced technology, have metal processing workshops, and professional processing technology.

Algeria is a country in the Middle East and Africa. It is a country full of industrial and economic potential. resources, it is very likely to achieve the goal of nearly doubling steel production in 2025 to reach 10 million tons.

As a comprehensive special steel manufacturer, manufacturer and supplier, we, Songshun, are also working hard for our goal to achieve win-win and sustainable development with customers all over the world, adhere to the concept of environmental friendliness, and serve every customer well .

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