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Songshun Steel can provide you with the best service, the highest quality products and the most competitive price to meet your needs.

After more than ten years of development and growth, Songshun Mould Steel Co., Ltd., as a comprehensive special steel supplier, steel manufacturer and warehouse in China, with satisfactory, reliable quality and professional services, the company’s market is all over the world, such as Colombia, Chile, Spain, Ethiopia, Turkey, Iran and Brazil etc.

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Ethiopia is a country rich in steel bars and has iron ore resources. It will develop its own metallurgical industry and replace imported steel.Today’s Ethiopia, with continuous development, is already the second fastest growing country in the world.With the continuous development of the economy, projects in industries such as construction and public facilities are also being implemented one after another, so the demand for steel will continue to increase, which will promote the development of the local steel industry. If you need to buy Ethiopian steel, you can refer to the following Ethiopian steel manufacturers and steel suppliers.

Star Business Group

Established in 1997, Star Business Group has more than 20 years of rich experience. It is a leading business group in Ethiopia that not only owns steel manufacturing plants, but also invests in trade, transportation services, commercial construction and other private sectors, among others.

Steel manufacturing plants operated by Star Business Group are leading suppliers of steel products in Ethiopia. They have a professional team, advanced technology and equipment, and the annual output can reach more than 50,000 tons. The main products supplied are steel coil, galvanized steel, steel plate and cold rolled steel, etc.

They have been committed to building a strong business ecosystem where partners, stakeholders and the private sector as a whole can thrive.

Sentinel Steel

Established in 2013, Sentinel Steel is a fast-growing steel manufacturer in Ethiopia.They have advanced hot rolling mill equipment, which can produce more than 100,000 tons of rebar and 180,000 tons of wire rod per year.

They are engaged in the manufacture and production of various hot-rolled long products, strictly producing steel products that meet international standards. The main products supplied are steel bars, rebars and steel wire rods.

Sentinel Steel is committed to meeting the growing demand for high-quality steel in the Ethiopian construction industry. They have competitive prices, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, high-quality steel products and professional services, and more.

Abyssinia Group

Abyssinia Group is the largest steel manufacturer in East Africa and has several steel manufacturing plants in Kenya. They have been doing business in Ethiopia for more than ten years and are also a comprehensive steel manufacturer there.

Abyssinia Group purchases raw materials locally in Ethiopia to produce billets and ingots to ensure high-quality production of steel products. The main products provided are hot-rolled steel, cold-rolled steel and wire rod, etc.

They insist on sustainable development and continue to grow. There are 11 steel manufacturing plants in East Africa. They are committed to social responsibility, provide quality service, and continuously meet the needs of customers.

The above are just 3 of the local steel manufacturers in Ethiopia. These 3 steel manufacturers share the same characteristics as our Songshun steel manufacturer, which is to continuously meet the needs of customers, provide high-quality products and achieve sustainable development.

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