Steel Manufacture And Supply

Steel Manufacture && Supply


Steel is one of the most important material in the industry system. It can be used to make fittings or products, even the building. So according to the uses and the production capacity, people should use different steel and quantity of it. Every type of steel has own properties. So some grades steel can be made the blade and some types of steel are good material for the screw.

You maybe feel confused about how to get good steel supplier for any reasons. Such as the local steel company can not perfectly meet your requirements, the steel material at the local market does not exist and etc.

Don’t worry about that, our company can solve this problem for you. Our company is good at international steel supply due to the so many year’s developments. Just tell us your requirements and quantity, even the engineering drawing. We will give you the best solution according to your project. The steel supply catalog of our company as below, please kindly check out to get what you want. If could not find what you want, maybe you can tell us then find out what is going on and take the equivalent grade.

Steel Processing And Testing


Steel Material

Songshun Steel Co Ltd supplies a wide range of forged, hot rolled, cold rolled, cold drawn and cast steel materials. We have lots of stock materials for fast delivery

Steel Heat Treat

Steel needs to be heat treated differently because of customers require different steels, chemical compositions, industrial requirements, and so on. We provide different steel round bar, flat bar, steel plate, steel sheets, steel rods with various heat treatments condition for your industrial uses:Quenching-Q; Normalizing-N; Tempering-T; Annealing-A

Steel Chemical Analysis

It is very important for tool steel and alloy steel that chemical composition analysis. We are equipped with Japan’s Olympus brand spectrometer, XRF Analyzer. We check the chemical composition each heat to ensure the materials is with top quality in chemical composition.

Steel Ultrasonic Test

We would do the Ultrasonic Test before the delivery for all our supplied steel products to guarantee the steel materials quality. The main standard for the UT class is DIN SEP 1921-84. Our materials could meet the UT Class C/c, Class D/d or E/e requirements.


Steel Surface Treatment

We supply tool steel and alloy steel as below surface condition according to your different requirements:(black、roughly peeled、turned、milled、grounded、polishing)


Steel Tolerance Control

We supply tool steel materials and engineering steel according to standard tolerance or customer’s required tolerance. You just need to tell us your detail about the tolerance of your needs.

Standard Delivery and Packing of Steel


For container shipment, standard packing and bundle round bar and flat bar would be applied. It is necessary to fasten & reinforcement would be done to ensure the safety and better unloading at the destination port.
For less than container shipment, wooden box package would be applied for different size materials. For milled or grounded materials, the anti-rust oil would be needed to ensure the surface condition, within the wooden box.
The shipment is 7-10 days If your needs are in stock in our warehouse. If our warehouse is not ready for your needs, we need 30-40 days to work on it. In our factory, the quality is the first pick, we sincerely hope you could understand.

Service Details:

  1. Steel Cut Service:
    We could supply the service of steel cut, according to your need. This would save your energy and labour cost, we could supply your final required size.
  2. Steel Machining
    We supply machined, milled or grounded surface condition for different steel grades. Diameter tolerance and size tolerance would meet ISO standard.
  3. About Drawing
    If you have the industry drawing, please send to us and we could supply it, as per the required steel grades and drawing dimension.
  4. Steel Design and Consult
    If you know nothing as a trading company or something, but you would need some kind of steel products. Tell us what you need, and we could design and supply to you